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Aqua Science Fleck 5600 SXT Installation Manual page 7

Digital water softener system
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Fleck 5600 SXT Digital Water Softener System Installation Manual
Brine Tank Assembly (continued)
Assemble the Valve Connection Pieces into the other end of the Brine Hose.
Valve connection assembly pieces
Take the nut that you removed from the top of the float
assembly and fit it onto the end of the brine hose. Fit
enough so that just a little of the Brine Hose fits through the
nut. It will be a snug fit so be sure it is tight.
Place the small plastic Insert into the end of the brine hose
where you just fitted the nut.
Hand tighten the nut onto the elbow and place the float tube
cap onto the float tube.
Next pour two 40 lb bags of softening salt into your brine tank
and place the cover of the brine tank on securely.
Important: Make sure not to over tighten the connections with
tools. Doing so could damage the threads.
Assembly completed



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