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Aqua Science Fleck 5600 SXT Installation Manual page 12

Digital water softener system
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Fleck 5600 SXT Digital Water Softener System Installation Manual
Fleck 5600 SXT Digital Programming (continued)
If you need any help with your set up, please visit our easy to follow, resource rich website,
or just give us a call at 800-767-8731.
Step 17
While the tank is filling press and hold the cycle button until you see - - - -
This will allow the air to escape as the tank is filling. Once you see water coming
out of the backwash line you can open the valve all the way and allow the system
to go through a full cycle.
Step 18
Slowly turn the Bypass valve lever slightly to the letter "B" in the word Bypass. This
will allow water to slowly fill your tank.
Step 19
Once the tank is full, turn the Valve lever fully to Service. You can check the status
of the water fill by shining light through the tank.



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