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Black & Decker HST1200 Original Instructions Manual page 6

Hand steamer


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Press the water tank release button (7), pull out the
water tank (8), as sown in figure A. Open the water inlet
cover and fill with tap water until it reaches the
MAXIMUM level. Always ensure the water tank is at
least a third full. Do not exceed the MAXIMUM level
when filling the water tank. Replace the water tank.
Warning! Do not use any additives in the water tank.
Hold the appliance with your hand positioned safely at
the neck of the garment steamer, in an upright position,
use your other hand to attach the fabric brush onto the
steam head, the fabric brush can be attached either way
and will lock into position with an audible "click".
Connect the appliance to a power outlet and switch on.
Press the power button, the power indicator light flash,
indicating that the appliance is heating.
When the light stops flashing and remains constant, you
can begin using the appliance.
Switch OFF the steamer by pressing the power button.
When the appliance powers off, the indicator light will
This garment steamer has an intelligent automatic
power off function. When the user stops operating the
product for a certain time (eight minutes), the internal
control circuit will cut off the power supply, to prevent
accidents, and save electricity.
Steaming your garment
The garment steamer is easy to use and is perfect for
removing wrinkles/creases from garments and curtains as
well as refreshing furnishing fabrics. It can be used on most
fabrics as long as the fabric is hanging or where the garment
steamer can be easily used in an upright position moving
over the fabric in an up and down motion
Check that there is ventilation behind the fabric
otherwise moisture may build up causing mildew.
Check garment pockets are empty and turn-ups such as
cuffs and hems are down.
Hang the garment from a hanger and stretch the fabric
slightly with one hand checking that there is nothing
behind the fabric that can be damaged by the steam.
Note: We recommend you do not steam over metal
Press and hold down the steam button. You will feel
vibrations and hear a subtle humming sound while
steaming, this is normal. Steam facing away from you
and in an upright position.
Gently press the fabric brush against the garment,
moving your arm in an up and down motion targeting
creases in the fabric.
Release the steam button to stop the steam.
Note: Ensure that the fabric to be steamed is being
stretched whilst steaming for best results.
(Original instructions)
Warning! The garment steamer generates high temperatures
of steam.
Do not touch the steam head, make sure the steamer is
facing away from you in an upright position.
If using the garment steamer without the fabric brush,
keep a distance of at least 5cm between the steam head
and the garment.
Steaming curtains
Wash and dry curtains as directed, according to the
fabric type.
Hang the curtains and steam them when they are
hanging in place.
Lightly stretch the curtain with one hand while steaming
to help remove creases more easily.
Steaming upholstery
The garment steamer can be used to help freshen up
upholstery, slip covers on furniture and cushions. Before
steaming, always test on a small area of the fabric that is
not visible.
Keeping the garment steamer in an upright position and
using an up and down motion, lightly steam over the
fabric of your furniture. Cushions should be removed and
held upright for steaming. Allow cushions to dry
thoroughly before replacing on furniture.
Note: It is recommended that you use the fabric brush
attachment when steaming delicate fabrics such as silk. For
better results when removing stubborn creases, remove the
fabric brush attachment from the steam head and
continuously steam over the selected area until creases are
Warning! If garment has metal accessories, be cautious and
do not use the garment steamer directly over the metal as
this may cause discolouring.
Warning! Always unplug the garment steamer before
attaching or detaching the fabric brush.
Note: Only use attachments or accessories provided.
Note: If the unit becomes noisy and emits a loud humming
sound and no steam is being generated, check the water
level in the water tank. This may indicate that the garment
steamer is out of water and needs to be refilled.
Warning! Do not use the garment steamer directly on the
body, animals, or while wearing the garments.
Cleaning and maintenance & storage
Warning! Before cleaning and maintenance, switch the
appliance off and remove the plug from the socket.
Warning! Do not immerse the appliance or the cord set or
the plug in water or any other liquid.
Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth.
Do not use scouring pads.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents