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Mitsubishi Electric CAHV-P500YA-HPB Instruction Manual page 5

Air-cooled heat pump unit cahv series
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To avoid damage to the unit, use appropriate
tools to install, inspect, or repair the unit.
To reduce the risk or malfunction, turn on the
power at least 12 hours before starting
operation, and leave the power turned on
throughout the operating season.
Recover all refrigerant from the unit.
It is punishable by law to release refrigerant into
the atmosphere.
To reduce the risk of malfunctions, use the unit
within its operating range.
Do not switch on or off the main power in a
cycle of shorter than 10 minutes.
Short-cycling the compressor may damage the
To maintain optimum performance and reduce
the risk of malfunction, keep the air pathway
Do not unnecessarily change the switch
settings or touch other parts in the
refrigerant circuit.
Doing so may change the operation mode or
damage the unit.
Check the water system, using a relevant
manual as a reference.
Using the system that does not meet the
standards (including water quality and water
flow rate) may cause the water pipes to
To ensure proper operation of the unit,
periodically check for proper concentration
of anti-freeze.
Inadequate concentration of anti-freeze may
compromise the performance of the unit or
cause the unit to abnormally stop.


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