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Optimisation - Honeywell T4 User Manual

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Your Thermostat has optimisation functions that aim to save
energy while maintaining suitable comfort levels. The Thermostat
during the optimisation period if set.
• Optimum Start learns how long it takes your home to reach a
set temperature and then turns the heating on a bit earlier to
achieve that temperature at the programmed time.
• Delayed Start saves energy by slightly delaying the start of heating depending
on the difference between the set temperature and the room temperature.
The closer these temperatures are the longer it will delay the start.
• Optimum Stop saves energy by switching off a little bit earlier than the
programmed time. If your home is up to temperature, you will not notice the
effect on the temperature, but you should see a difference in your fuel bill.
To enable or disable an optimisation function:
1. Press
to enter the main menu.
2. Press
to select the Optimisation menu
3. Press
to select an option and press
- 0 : 8P for Optimum Start or Delayed Start
- 0 : 9S for Optimum Stop
4. Press
to change the optimisation function and press
- 0 : 8P 0 = Optimum Start disabled
- 0 : 8P 1 = Optimum Start enabled
- 0 : 8P 2 = Delayed Start enabled
- 0 : 9S 0 = Optimum Stop disabled
- 0 : 9S 1 = Optimum Stop enabled
5. Press
to save changes and return to the home screen.
and press

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