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Mitsubishi Electric GOT1000 Series Connection Manual Page 4

Graphic operation terminal.
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● Incorrect operation of the touch switch(s) may lead to a serious accident if the GOT backlight is gone
When the GOT backlight goes out, the display section dims, while the input of the touch switch(s)
remains active.
This may confuse an operator in thinking that the GOT is in "screensaver" mode, who then tries to
release the GOT from this mode by touching the display section, which may cause a touch switch to
Note that the following occurs on the GOT when the backlight goes out.
<When using the GT1655-V, Handy GOT, GT15, GT14, GT12, GT11, or GT105 >
The POWER LED blinks (green/orange) and the monitor screen appears blank.
<When using the GT1695, GT1685, GT1675, GT1672, GT1665, or GT1662>
The POWER LED blinks (green/orange) and the monitor screen appears dimmed.
<When using the GT104 >
The monitor screen appears blank.
<When using the GT103
The monitor screen appears dimmed.
● The display section of the GT16, GT1595-X, GT14, GT12 or GT1020 are an analog-resistive type
touch panel.
If you touch the display section simultaneously in 2 points or more, the switch that is located around
the center of the touched point, if any, may operate.
Do not touch the display section in 2 points or more simultaneously.
Doing so may cause an accident due to incorrect output or malfunction.
● When programs or parameters of the controller (such as a PLC) that is monitored by the GOT are
changed, be sure to reset the GOT or shut off the power of the GOT at the same time.
Not doing so can cause an accident due to false output or malfunction.
● Do not bundle the control and communication cables with main-circuit, power or other wiring.
Run the above cables separately from such wiring and keep them a minimum of 100mm apart.
Not doing so noise can cause a malfunction.
● Do not press the GOT display section with a pointed material as a pen or driver.
Doing so can result in a damage or failure of the display section.
● When the GOT is connected to the Ethernet network, the available IP address is restricted according
to the system configuration.
When multiple GOTs are connected to the Ethernet network:
Do not set the IP address ( for the GOTs and the controllers in the network.
When a single GOT is connected to the Ethernet network:
Do not set the IP address ( for the controllers except the GOT in the network.
Doing so can cause the IP address duplication. The duplication can negatively affect the
communication of the device with the IP address (
The operation at the IP address duplication depends on the devices and the system.
● Turn on the controllers and the network devices to be ready for communication before they
communicate with the GOT.
Failure to do so can cause a communication error on the GOT.
A - 2
or GT102 >


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