Section 7: Testing The System; Battery Test; Dialer Test; Fire Drill Test (Code + [#] + 69) - Honeywell VISTA-32FBPT Installation And Setup Manual

Commercial fire and burglary partitioned security system with scheduling
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Battery Test

When AC power is present, the VISTA-32FBPT runs a brief battery test every 60 seconds to determine if there is a
battery connected, and runs an extended battery test every 4 hours to check on the battery's condition.
If the VISTA-32FBPT finds that the battery voltage is low (less than approximately 11.5V), it initiates a keypad
"SYSTEM LOBAT" display and a rapid keypad beeping sound. It also sends a Low Battery report to the central station
(if programmed). The keypad is cleared by entering any security code + OFF, and a Restore report is sent to the central
station if the situation has been corrected.

Dialer Test

The VISTA-32FBPT may be programmed to automatically transmit test reports to a central station at intervals ranging
from once per hour to once per 9999 hours (field ∗27).
Commercial Fire Alarms and Commercial Burglary requires the test report to be transmitted at least once every 24
hours. The system can be programmed to send the first report at any time of the day, or on any day of the week (field

Fire Drill Test (Code + [#] + 69)

This test causes fire Notification Appliance Circuits to be activated for the purpose of conducting a fire drill or bell test.
This test can only be activated by the installer or master users from partition 1 keypads by entering the corresponding
security code + [#] + 69. The burglary portion of the system must be disarmed.
Keypads display "FIRE DRILL ACTIVE" while the test is active. The test is stopped by entering any user code + OFF.
The system continues to monitor all 24-hour type zones (fire, panic, etc.) and ends the test if any of these zone types
produce an alarm condition.
This test should be conducted at periodic intervals, as determined by the local authority having jurisdiction.

One-Man Fire Walk-Test (Code + [#] + 68)

This test causes the system to sound console beeps and Notification Appliance Circuit dings in response to fire zone
faults (zone type 9, 16 and 17) for the purpose of allowing proper zone operation to be checked without triggering alarms.
Note that the system will not be operational as an alarm system (i.e., cannot sense alarms) while this test is active. The
test can only be activated by the installer by entering the Installer's Code and pressing [#] + 68 while the burglary
portion of the system is disarmed.
This test should be conducted at periodic intervals, as determined by the local authority having jurisdiction.
When testing non-latching devices, such as heat detectors, be sure to keep the device faulted until the system
responds with the keypad beep or siren sound. If the device is faulted only momentarily, the system may not
respond to the fault.
When this test is first activated, the system will display:

Section 7: Testing the System

Enter 1 (YES) to have the fire Notification Appliance Circuits associated with each point sound for 3 seconds
when a point is faulted.
Enter 0 (NO) if only keypad sounders are desired.
The next prompt will be displayed.
Enter 1 (YES) to have the system automatically test all polling loop points with a fire response type 9 or 16.
Other fire zones will have to be tested manually.
Enter 0 (NO) to test every point manually.
The next prompt will be displayed.

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