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Mitsubishi Electric GT1665HS-VTBD Manual Page 2

Graphic operation terminal.
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 PLC (manufactured by other company), microcomputer, temperature controller,
inverter, servo amplifier, CNC, MODBUS(R)/RTU or MODBUS(R)/TCP
Produce the cable (RS-232 cable, RS-422 / 485 cable) for connecting the GOT
to a controller with reference to the following manual.
 GOT1000 Series Connection Manual for GT Works3 and a controller used
3) General notes on Power supply
The Connector Conversion Box requires an
additional ferrite filter to be attached to the 24V
DC power supply cables. The filter should be
attached in a similar manner as shown in the
figure opposite, i.e. the power cables are
wrapped around the filter. However, as with all
Up to 75mm
EMC situations the more correctly applied
precautions the better the systems Electro-
m a g n e t i c
C o m p a t i b i l i t y.
T h e
f e r r i t e
recommended is a TDK ZCAT3035-1330 or
similar. The ferrite should be placed as near to
t h e 2 4 V D C t e r m i n a l s o f t h e C o n n e c t o r
Conversion Box as possible (which should be
within 75mm of the GOT terminal).
Associated Manuals
The following manuals are relevant to this product. When these loose manuals are
required, please consult with our local distributor.
Manual Number
Manual name
(Model Code)
GT Designer3 Version1
Describes methods of the GT
Screen Design Manual
Designer3 installation operation,
(For GOT1000 Series)
basic operation for drawing and
transmitting data to GOT1000
(sold separately)
GT Designer3 Version1
Screen Design Manual
D e s c ri b e s s pe c i f i c a ti o n s a n d
(For GOT1000 Series)
settings of the object functions
(Functions) 1/2, 2/2
used in GT Designer3
(sold separately)
D e s c r i b e s t h e H a n d y G O T
GT16 Handy GOT User's
hardware-relevant content such as
part names, external dimensions,
( H a r d w a r e / U t i l i t y,
mounting, power supply wiring,
Connection) 1/2, 2/2
specifications, and introduction to
(sold separately)
option devices
*1 The manual in PDF-format is included in the GT Works3/GT Designer3
For details of a PLC to be connected, refer to the PLC user's manual respectively.
Bundled Items
Model Name
[640  480 dots], TFT color (65536 colors), built-in
Bundled item
Operation switch name character sheets
1) OHP sheet
1) One sheet
2) One sheet
2) Reference dimension sheet (switch name change sheet
Selector switch keys
GT16 Handy GOT General Description (This manual)
1. Features
1) Improved monitoring performance and connectivity to FA devices
- A fine and beautiful full-color display which shows even small characters
clearly, is enabled by adopting the high intensity, wide viewing angle and high
definition TFT color LCD. (Also compatible with digital screen displays with
65536 colors, BMP, etc.)
- High speed monitoring through high speed communication at maximum of
- Multiple languages are displayed using the Unicode2.1-compatible fonts and
beautiful characters are drawn using the TrueType and high quality fonts.
- High speed display and high speed touch switch response.
2) More efficient GOT operations including screen design, startup, adjustment,
management and maintenance works
- The display screen of the display unit is created using a drawing software for
PC (GT Designer3 Ver1.14Q or later).
- The 15MB user memory is included as standard.
- CF card interface is included as standard.
- The USB interface (host/device) is included as standard.
- The Ethernet interface is included as standard.
3) Enhanced support of FA device setup tools
- Transferring or monitoring the sequence programs using the personal
computer connected to GOT is available, during direct connection to A, QnA,
L, Q, or FX series PLC CPU (FA Transparent function).
2. Part Name
2.1 Front Panel
(6) (7)
Displays the utility screen and the user creation
(1) Display section
For touch switch operation on the utility screen and
(2) Touch panel
the user creation screen.
Operation switch
Switch for external direct wiring
(independent contact)
(6 switches)
Place (concave shape) where the operation switch
Operation switch name
name sheet (Insert into the space from a transverse
sheet installation place
direction) is installed.
Switch for external direct wiring
(5) Emergency stop switch
(independent contact)
Lit in green: Power is correctly supplied.
Lit in orange: Screen saving and backlight not lit.
Blinks in orange/green: Blown back light bulb.
Not lit: Power is not supplied.
D i s p l a y
f o r
Display LED for operation switch (green)
operation switch
(lighting control from display section)
(6 LEDs)
Display LED for grip
Display LED for grip switch (green)
(lighting control from display section)
(9) Logo label
For the PC connection, refer to the following.
GT16 Handy GOT User's Manual
2.2 Back Panel
Environmental protection
back cover closed
E x t e r n a l i n t e r f a c e
E n v i r o n m e n t a l
protection back cover
E n v i r o n m e n t a l
protection back cover
Hook for hanging on
Hand strap
Grip angle changing
Operation switch name sheet
Grip switch
(prepared by the user)
installation example
Connector for battery
(10) RS-232 connector
R S - 4 2 2 / 4 8 5
Cable connector for
PLC communication
Terminating resistor
setting switch
For the connection to the controller, microcomputer board or PC, refer to the
2.3 Top Face (Interface)
Interface environmental protection cover closed
Environmental protection
back cover opened
Interface environmental protection cover opened
For external connection cable connection (for PLC,
switch and power supply external wiring)
(connector: square 42 pins, male)
Opened and closed when the PLC communication
type is changed (RS-422/485
RS-232, before
shipping: RS-422/485), or the battery is replaced.
Fo r op en in g an d c lo s in g th e e nv ir onm en ta l
protection back cover (drop prevention screw)
Hook when the Handy GOT is used hanging on
Used to hold the Handy GOT in hand by putting a
hand under the strap. Length adjustable.
Used when changing the angle of the grip.
(5, M4 screw)
The angle of the grip can be set either to the
standard angle (as before shipping) or 15 degrees
to the right.
E m e r g e n c y
Switch for external direct wiring
switch guard cover
installing hole
(independent contact)
Fo r st or in g c lo c k d ata , m ai nt en an c e ti m in g
I n t e r f a c e
notification and system log data
e n v i r o n m e n t a l
protection cover
For battery connection
Keylock switch
(2-position switch)
Connector for PLC communication using RS-232
Connector for PLC communication using RS-422/
Interface cable connector for PLC communication
CF card interface
Connector for either (10) or (11) and for selection of
the PLC communication type.
(Connected to RS-422/485 before shipping.)
CF card eject button
For switching the RS-422/485 communication
CF card access LED
interface terminating resistor (Set to "Disable"
before shipping)
USB interface (Host)
GT16 Handy GOT User's Manual
S.MODE switch
(OS install switch)
(11) Reset switch
E t h e r n e t
communication status
s t o p
Threaded hole for mounting the GT16H-60ESCOV
type emergency stop switch guard (option) (M3)
Opened and closed when using the USB port,
S.MODE switch and reset switch, as well as when
inserting the CF card.
Switch for external direct wiring
(independent contact)
Prohibits accessing the CF card before removing
c a r d
a c c e s s
the card from the Handy GOT.
(OFF before shipping.)
Connector for mounting the CF card (compact flash
card) to the Handy GOT
CF card removal button
Lit in green : CF card being accessed.
Not lit: CF card not accessed.
i n t e r f a c e
For PC connection (connector type: Mini-B)
For data transfer, data storage
(connector type: TYPE-A)
Switch used for OS installation at GOT startup.
Switch for resetting the hardware
L E D 1 : Tu r n s o n i n g r e e n d u r i n g 1 0 0 M b p s
L E D 2 : Tu r n s o n i n g r e e n d u r i n g d a t a


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