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Fitting A Furniture Door - Miele FN 3x402 i AU Operating And Installation Instructions

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Only for an appliance with a niche
height greater than 140 cm
For additional stability of the appliance
in the unit, push the rods supplied in
underneath the appliance between it
and the floor of the housing unit:
 First secure the handle  to one of
the rods .
 Use the handle to push the rod into
the guide as far as it will go. Remove
the handle and fit it to the other rod
and push this into its guide as far as
it will go.
Important: Keep the handle
somewhere safe in case you ever
need to fit the appliance into a new
housing unit.
 Close the appliance door.
Installing the appliance

Fitting a furniture door

The furniture door must be a minimum
of 16 mm thick and a maximum of
19 mm thick.
The following dimensions for gaps must
be adhered to:
– The gap between the furniture door
and the kitchen unit door above must
be at least 3 mm.
– The vertical gap between the
furniture doors should generally be
3 mm. The exact value is dependent
upon the radius of the edge of the
furniture door.
If the appliance is being built into a run
of units, the height of the furniture door
should be aligned with adjacent kitchen
The furniture door must be mounted
plane and free of tension.



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