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Removing And Reinstalling The Write-Protect Screw - Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Hardware Maintenance Manual

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1. Prepare a USB storage device with at least 8 gigabyte (GB) space. The required USB storage capacity
depends on the size of the recovery image.
Attention: Creating the repair shim will delete all data stored on the USB device. To avoid data loss,
make a backup copy of all the data that you want to keep.
2. Download latest version of the repair shim image from the Lenovo Support Web site at: to create a repair shim. A Lenovo service credential is required.
Note: Ensure that you create the repair shim using the latest version of the repair shim image. Using an
earlier version might cause the repair process to fail.
3. Extract the downloaded file that contains the repair shim image.
4. Download the Win32 Disk Imager tool from
5. Run the imager tool and follow the on-screen instructions to create the repair shim.
6. After using the repair shim, if you want to recover normal usage of the USB storage device, you will need
to format the device. Otherwise, you cannot use the storage space on the device.

Removing and reinstalling the write-protect screw

By default, the on-board Read-Only Memories (ROMs) are set as write-protected. Before refreshing the
Chromebook firmware, set the ROMs as unprotected by removing the write-protect screw on the system
board. After the refresh, reinstalling the write-protect screw.
To remove the write-protect screw, do the following:
1. Disable the battery. See "Disabling the battery" on page 48.
2. Disconnect the Lenovo USB-C 45W AC Adapter and all cables from the computer, and then remove
the keyboard. See "1010 Keyboard" on page 48.
3. Remove the base cover assembly. See "1020 Base cover assembly" on page 54.
4. Remove the wireless LAN card. See "1030 Wireless LAN card" on page 56.
5. Remove the battery. See "1040 Battery" on page 56.
6. Remove the USB support bracket. See "1080 USB support bracket " on page 59.
7. Remove the thermal fan. See "1090 Thermal fan assembly" on page 60.
8. Remove the system board. See "1110 System board" on page 62.
9. Turn over the system board and then locate the write-protect screw on the system board as shown in
the following illustration. To turn off the write-protect function, remove the write-protect screw.
10. After you have removed the write-protect screw, reassemble the computer. Reconnect the Lenovo
USB-C 45W AC Adapter and all cables.
11. To turn on the write-protect function, follow the previous steps to locate the hole for the write-protect
screw and reinstall the screw. Then reassemble your computer and reconnect the cables.
ThinkPad 13 Hardware Maintenance Manual

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