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Imei Label; Art Label - Mitsubishi Electric trium aria Service Manual

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Level 2 Service Manual

IMEI label

IMEI label stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. The IMEI label is stuck on the rear case of the
terminal. It is held in the logic circuitry of the main board itself. If the main board is changed then IMEI will
Kit designation
IMEI number
and bar code
Date Code is made of 3 digits and indicates the date of shipment from factory.
For example: in I11, I stands for 1999 and 11 for November (12 for december).
Bar code indicates 15 digits 123456 45 456789 4 ( for example) of the IMEI written in plain letters above the
bar code:
- 123456 : The 6 first digits indicate the Type Approval Code. It is different according the type of mobile.
- 45 : These 2 digits are allocated to production site.
- 456789 : The 6 last digits are a sequential number, it is different for each mobile.
4 : Check digit.

ART Label

The Label Art Plate identifies the type of assembly and test the mobile has been through.
A :
C :
WW :
Mitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe
ZA le Piquet, 35370 Etrelles
Phone: +33 2 99 75 71 00
Fax: +33 2 99 75 71 47
Logo Norme
10 characters for the article code of the terminal.
1 character for the assembly version of M/U.
1 character for the board version.
2 characters related to production site.
Date code
Made in France
Date: 05/00
Version C


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