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General Description - Mitsubishi Electric trium aria Service Manual

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Level 2 Service Manual

1 General Description

ARIA is designed for use in a E-GSM/DCS network. This phone operates and complies with the ETSI GSM
Phase 2 specifications.
Main features
Weight : 85 g
80 hours idle time
1.5 hour conversation time
Graphic LCD
Data fax fonction included
TEGIC fonction (word recognition)
Standart kit includes following items :
Tranceiver (retractable antenna type)
Battery pack (3.8V 580mA Li-ion)
Reference : FZ-2538A
AC/DC adapter for battery rapid charging (5.5V 500mA)
Reference : FZA-0033A
Speech codec :
ARIA uses a speech codec which
is able to switch from half rate (HR) to full rate (FR)
or to enhanced full rate (EFR) according to network and
the software & settings version.
Enhanced full rate (EFR) allows better voice quality at
same rate as full rate.
Half rate (HR) is coding on 6.5 kb/sec (1/2 than full rate)
the network may put two customers on one timeslot.
each customer will use this timeslot every two frames.
Mitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe
ZA le Piquet, 35370 Etrelles
Phone: +33 2 99 75 71 00
Fax: +33 2 99 75 71 47
Actual size
Version C
Date: 05/00