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Important User Information - Pioneer KRP-500A Operating Instructions Manual

Flat screen tv.
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Important user information

Chapter 1
Important user information
In order to obtain maximum enjoyment from this Pioneer KRP-
500A flat screen TV, please first read this information carefully.
With the Pioneer KRP-500A, you can be assured of a high quality
flat screen TV with long-life and high reliability. To achieve images
of exceptional quality, this Pioneer flat screen TV incorporates
state-of-the-art design and construction, as well as very precise
and highly advanced technology.
The Pioneer KRP-500A incorporates the latest in color filter
technology: Direct Color Filter. This improves the color/picture
reproduction compared to previous models. It also eliminates the
need for a physical glass panel to be placed in front of the plasma
panel, which furthers Pioneer's continued goal of reducing
environmental waste in consumer electronics, now during the
manufacturing process and in the future during the recycling
Over the course of its lifetime, the luminosity of the Pioneer KRP-
500A flat screen TV will diminish very slowly, such as with all
phosphor-based screens (for example, a traditional tube-type
television). To enjoy beautiful and bright images on your Pioneer
flat screen TV for a long time, please carefully read and follow the
usage guidelines below:
Usage guidelines
All phosphor-based screens (including conventional tube-type
televisions) can be affected by displaying static images for a
prolonged period. Flat screen TVs are no exception to this rule.
After-image and permanent effects on the screen can be avoided
by taking some basic precautions. By following the
recommendations listed below, you can ensure longer and
satisfactory results from your flat screen TV:
• Whenever possible, avoid frequently displaying the same
image or virtually still moving pictures (e.g. video game images
which have static portions).
• Do not display Teletext for a prolonged period of time.
• Avoid viewing the On Screen Display for extended periods,
from a digital tuner, DVD player, VCR and all other
• Do not leave the same picture freeze-framed or paused
continuously over a long period of time, when using the still
picture mode from a TV, VCR, DVD player or any other
• Images which have both very bright areas and very dark areas
side by side should not be displayed for a prolonged period of
• When playing a game, the "GAME" mode setting within "AV
Selection" is strongly recommended. However, please do not
use this mode for long periods of time.
• After playing a game, displaying a PC image or any still image,
it is best to view a normal moving picture in the "WIDE" or
"FULL" screen setting for more than three times the length of
the previous still/moving image.
• After using the flat screen TV, always switch the display to
"STANDBY" mode.
Installation guidelines
The Pioneer KRP-500A flat screen TV incorporates a very thin
design. To ensure safety, please take the proper measures to
mount or install the flat screen TV, in order to prevent the unit from
tipping over in the event of vibration or accidental movement.
This product should be installed by using only parts and
accessories designed by Pioneer. Use of accessories other than
the Pioneer stand or installation bracket may result in instability,
and could cause injury. For custom installation, please consult the
dealer where the unit was purchased. To ensure correct
installation, experienced and qualified experts must install the unit.
Pioneer will not be held responsible for accident or damage caused
by the use of parts and accessories manufactured by other
To avoid malfunction and overheating, make sure that the vents on
the main unit are not blocked when installing to ensure proper heat
• Distance the unit slightly from other equipment, walls, etc. For
the minimum space required around the unit, see page 15.
• Do not fit the unit inside narrow spaces where ventilation is
• Do not cover with a cloth, etc.
• Clean the vents on the sides and rear of the unit to remove dust
build-up, by using a vacuum cleaner set to its lowest suction
• Do not place the product on a carpet or blanket.
• Do not leave the product tilted over.
• Do not turn the product upside down.
Using the unit without proper ventilation may cause the internal
temperature to rise, and could result in possible malfunction.
When the surrounding or internal temperature exceeds a certain
degree, the display will automatically power off in order to cool the
internal electronics and prevent hazardous occurrences.
Any malfunction may occur due to: an inappropriate installation
site, improper assembly, installation, mounting, or operation of
this product, modifications made to the product. However, Pioneer
cannot be held responsible for such accidents or malfunction.
The following are typical effects and characteristics of a
phosphor-based matrix display and as such, are not covered by
the manufacturer's limited warranties:
• Permanent residual images upon the phosphors of the panel.
• The existence of a minute number of inactive light cells.
• Panel generated sounds, examples: Fan motor noise, and
electrical circuit humming/glass panel buzzing
• Pioneer bears no responsibility for any damage arising from
incorrect use of the product by you or other people,
malfunctions when in use, other product related problems, and
use of the product except in cases where the company must be



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