Commissioning/ Operations; Scope Of Delivery; Water Supply; Description Of The Appliance - Kärcher K 5.490 User Instruction

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Commissioning/ Operations

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of your appliance is il-
lustrated on the packaging. Check the con-
tents of the appliance for completeness
when unpacking.
In the event of missing accessories or any
transport damage, please contact your

Description of the Appliance

Illustrations on Page 2
1 Water inlet with filter
2 Water inlet connector
3 Garden hose connector (female)
4 Appliance switch "0/OFF"/ „I/ON"
5 High pressure hose
6 High-pressure hose drum
7 Storage for trigger gun
8 Transport handle
9 Storage for accessories
10 Hand crank for hose drum
11 Detergent Tank
12 Mains cable with mains plug
13 Wheels
14 Trigger gun
15 Lock trigger gun
16 Key to detach the high pressure hose
from the trigger gun
17 Spray lance with Dirtblaster
18 Spray lance with pressure regulation
(Vario Power)
Special accessories
Special accessories expand the possibili-
ties of using your appliance. Please contact
your KÄRCHER dealer for further informa-

Before Startup

Illustrations on Page 2
 Mount loose parts delivered with appli-
ance prior to start-up.
 Push the high pressure hose into the
trigger gun until it locks audibly.
Note: Make sure the connection nipple
14 English
is aligned correctly.
 Check the secure connection by pulling
on the high pressure hose.

Water supply

Note: Impurities in the water can damage
the high-pressure pump and accessories.
For protection, the use of the KÄRCHER
water filter (optional accessory, order no.
4.730-059) is recommended.
Water supply from mains
Observe regulations of water supplier.
For connection values, see type plate/tech-
nical data.
Garden hose (not included) must be at
least 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch in diameter, mini-
mum length 7.5 m.
 Screw the supplied coupling element to
unit's water inlet.
Screw the supplied garden hose con-
nector on to the end of your garden
Push the garden hose connector on to
the water inlet connector and make
sure you hear it click into place before
Push the garden hose onto the coupling
element, then connect it to the water
Drawing in water from open reservoirs
This high-pressure cleaner is suited to work
with the KÄRCHER suction hose with back-
flow valve (Optional accessory, order no.
4.440-238) to draw in surface water, e.g.
from water butts or ponds (see specifica-
tions for max. suction height).
 Fill the KÄRCHER suction hose with
backflow valve with water, screw to wa-
ter supply and hang into the water butt.
 Appliance ventilation: Switch the appli-
ance on with the high-pressure hose
detached and operate (max. 2 minutes)
until the water exits the high-pressure
connection without bubbles. Switch off
appliance and reconnect high-pressure



Table of Contents

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