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Safety Devices - Kärcher K 5.490 User Instruction

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 Wear protective clothing and safety
goggles to protect against splash back
containing water or dirt.
 In case of extended downtimes, switch
the appliance off at the main switch / ap-
pliance switch or remove the mains
 Do not operate the appliance at temper-
atures below 0 °C.
 Observe a distance of at least 30 cm
when using the jet to clean painted sur-
faces to avoid damaging paintwork.
 Never leave the appliance unattended
when it is in operation.
 Make sure that the power cable or ex-
tension cables are not damaged by run-
ning over, pinching, dragging or similar.
Protect the power cable from heat, oil,
and sharp edges.
 All current-conducting parts in the work-
ing area must be protected against jet
 The appliance may only be connected
to an electrical supply which has been
installed in accordance with IEC 60364.
 The highest allowed net impedance at
the electrical connection point (refer to
technical data) is not to be exceeded. In
case of confusion regarding the power
impedance present on your connection,
please contact your utilities provider.
 For safety reasons, we recommend that
you operate the appliance only via a
earth-leakage circuit breaker (max.
30 mA).
 Cleaning operations which produce oily
waste water, e.g. engine washes, un-
derbody washes, may only be carried
out using washing stations equipped
with an oil separator.
 Only use equipment for less than 15
minutes continual.

Safety Devices

Safety devices protect the user and must
not be modified or bypassed.
Power switch
The appliance switch prevents unintention-
al operation of the appliance.
Lock trigger gun
This lock locks the lever of the trigger gun
and prevents the inadvertent start of the ap-
Overflow valve with pressure switch
The overflow valve prevents the permissi-
ble working pressure from being exceeded.
If the lever on the trigger gun is released
the pressure switch turns off the pump, the
high-pressure jet is stopped. If the lever is
pulled the pump is turned on again.
Prerequisites for the appliance's
Create stability for the appliance prior to all
work on or with the appliance to prevent ac-
cidents or damage.
The stability of the appliance is warrant-
ed when it is placed onto an even sur-
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Table of Contents