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FRU Tests

The following table shows the test for each FRU.
System board
LCD unit
PC Card slots
TrackPoint or
pointing device
Hard-disk drive
ThinkPad T20, T21, T22, T23 (MT 2647/2648)
Applicable test
1. Diagnostics --> CPU/Coprocessor
2. Diagnostics --> Systemboard
Diagnostics --> Other Devices --> IBM AC
Adapter, IBM Battery 1 (IBM Battery 2)
1. Diagnostics --> Video Adapter
2. Interactive Tests --> Video
1. Make sure the modem is set up correctly.
2. Replace the modem jack and the modem
card in turn, and run the following test in
Diagnostics --> Communication:
a. Lucent Modem (M2) Loopback
b. Lucent Modem (M2) Dialtone/DTM
c. Lucent Soft Modem Loopback (M2)
(T23 only)
d. Lucent Soft Modem Dialtone (T23 only)
e. Intel Modem Register
f. Intel Modem Loopback/DTMF
g. Intel SP Modem Register
h. Intel SP Modem Loopback/DTMF
i. 3Com MiniPCI Modem Test
j. 3Com MiniPCI Dialtone Test
1. Interactive Tests --> Internal Speaker
2. Diagnostics --> Other Devices --> Crystal
Interactive Tests --> Internal Speaker
Diagnostics --> Systemboard --> PCMCIA,
PCMCIA External Loop
1. Diagnostics --> Systemboard -->
2. Interactive Tests --> Keyboard
If the TrackPoint does not work, check the
configuration in the ThinkPad Configuration
program. If the TrackPoint is disabled, select
Enable to enable it.
After you use the TrackPoint, the pointer may
drift on the screen for a short time. This drift
can occur when a slight, steady pressure is
applied to the TrackPoint pointer. This symptom
is not a hardware problem. If the pointer stops
after a short time, no service action is
If enabling the TrackPoint does not correct the
problem, continue with the following:
v Interactive Tests --> Mouse
Diagnostics --> Fixed Disks
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