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Accessories; Troubleshooting - Siemens HB 750.50 B User Manual

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The oven does not work.
The clock display flashes.
The oven door cannot be
opened. The function selector
is in the * position and three
zeros are flashing in the
The oven does not heat up or
the type of heating selected
cannot be set.
The oven does not heat up. A
square appears in the
temperature display.
A 5" appears in the clock
Immediately after use, soak the accessories in
washing up liquid. Food residues can then be easily
removed with a brush or sponge.
The universal pan can be cleaned at the same time as
the automatic self cleaning.
Should a malfunction occur, it is often only due to a
minor fault. Please read the following instructions
before calling the after sales service:
Possible cause
Blown fuse.
Power cut.
Power cut.
Dust on the contacts.
The appliance is currently
in demo mode.
The automatic time limiter
was activated.
Look in the fuse box and check that the
fuse is in working order.
Reset the time.
Switch off the function selector. Set the
time of day and restart self cleaning.
If you no longer wish to repeat
automatic self cleaning, you must still
wait for the oven temperature to fall
below 300 ºC.
Turn the function selectors round
completely several times.
Switch off the fuse in the fuse box. Wait
for approximately 20 seconds. Switch
on the fuse again. Within the next
2 minutes, press the rapid heating up
button for 6 seconds until the square in
the display disappears.
Switch off the function selector.


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