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Yamaha MDX-E300 Service Manual page 26

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Lead-in switch position adjustment
Adjust the lead-in switch position so that it is between FF85 and FFD2.
1. Load a TDYS1 (SONY) (P/No. TX945850) disc for reproduction.
2. Loosen the screw (A1) (1 pc) attaching the mechanical switch P.C.B.
3. Retighten the screw (A1) (1 pc) while pressing the mechanical switch P.C.B in the arrow A direction in the figure for
FF85 or less and in the arrow B direction for FFD2 or more.
Measure the lead-in switch position again and check that it is in the range between FF85 and FFD2.
Forced rotation of loading motor
It is possible to force the loading motor to rotate by turning the jog dial when the microprocessor version (tsm22**e**)
of the test mode or EJECT appears on display. (This is used when the disc cannot be ejected.)
* To obtain the microprocessor version on display when a disc is loaded, " AUTO _ AJST _ " appears on display. Press
the DELETE/CANCEL button (REMOCON) in this state, and the microprocessor version will appear.
Version of microprocessor
Confirmation of magnetic head installation position
• After replacing the magnetic head and the optical pick-up, be
sure to confirm their installation positions.
• To facilitate adjustment of their installation positions, bring the
optical pick-up to the center position and follow the procedure
described below.
1. Load a clear disc (P/No. AAX18050) for checking the head.
2. Push down the up-shift arm of the magnetic head with a finger to
raise the magnetic head.
3. Looking at the unit from above, check if the magnetic head
matches with the optical pick-up objective lens.
4. Check to ensure that the magnetic head moves up and down
(A1) X1
Fig. 11
JOG DIAL y : Forced feeding of the disc to EJECT
JOG DIAL t : Forced feeding of the disc to LOAD
t s m 2 2 * * e * *
Push down with a finger.
Fig. 12
Note) Apply thread lock to the screw (A1) (1 pc) of
the P.C.B. after tightening it.
Version of EEPROM protect data (from 01)
Version of microprocessor ROM (from 01)
Magnetic head
Objective lens
Circumferentical direction
Radial direction


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