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To use with standard garden hose (not included)
1. Place dehumidifier on a level surface.
2. Unscrew and remove drain cap to access the garden hose nozzle threads.
3. Screw on garden hose to the now accessible nozzle threads.
4. Once securely installed, lead the drain hose to a nearby drain lower than the
height of the drain plug. (Make sure there are no kinks or knots in the hose)
5. Turn on the unit and press MODE button until CONTINUOUS indicator is lit.
NOTE: The thread standard for garden hoses in the U.S. is known as GHT with an
outer diameter of 11/16 inches and a pitch of 11.5 TPI.
CAUTION: Placing the dehumidifier on an uneven surface or improper hose
installation may result in water filling up the bucket and causing
the unit to shut off. Empty the bucket if the auto shutoff occurs,
check dehumidifier location for stability and check hose for proper
installation. The collection bucket must be properly placed in the
dehumidifier for it to operate.
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Table of Contents

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