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Black & Decker BDT30 Series Instruction Manual page 10

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NOTE: When the bucket is full or removed from the unit, the compressor will turn
off but the fan will continue to run for a few minutes. This is completely
normal. The dehumidifier will not be removing moisture from the air at
this time.
Over time, the dehumidifier will create a more stable humidity in the area it is
The more moisture the dehumidifier removes from the air, the more often you
may have to empty the bucket unless you choose to use the continuous drain
option. The number of times the bucket will need to be emptied daily will depend
on the dehumidifier model.
30 pints of moisture
removed every 24 hours
45 pints of moisture
removed every 24 hours
70 pints of moisture
removed every 24 hours
CAUTION: Do not place the water collection bucket on the floor when it is full as
it is uneven on the bottom and may spill.
When the filter needs to be cleaned, the filter indicator light will come on (after
approximately 250 hours of use). Remove the filter from the back of the unit by
using your thumbs to press down on the filter tabs directly above the filter.
Clean the filter with warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly before putting back
in place. Once filter is back in the unit, press the FILTER button to reset the filter
CAUTION: Do not clean the filter in a dishwasher. Do not operate the humidifier
without the included filter in place.
Page 10
empty maximum of 4 times per day
empty maximum of 6 times per day
empty maximum of 5 times per day

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