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Haier CA0100MANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual page 9

Air cooled module water chiller heat pump / cooling only r22 refrigerant 100kw 3ph, 380v, 50hz
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5.4.8 The installation and thermal insulation of the water pipes of the air conditioning system shall be
designed and instructed by the professionals and shall implement the relevant regulations of the Installation
Standard for HV & AC.
5.4.9 The external water pipe system must be equipped with anti-vibration hose, water filter, electronic
water cleaner, check valve, drain valve, discharging valve, stop valve and expansion tank, etc. The
expansion tank shall be installed 1-1.5m higher than the system top, and its capacity is about 1/10 of the
total water amount of the system. The air release valve shall be installed between the top of the system and
the expansion tank, and the water tank and the pipe shall be thermal insulated.
5.4.10 The water supply system must match the water pump with proper water flow and proper head to
ensure the supply for the unit normally.
5.4.11 The unit must be equipped with a water filter in front of the water inlet pipe and use the mesh with
16~40-mesh filter.
5.4.12 The anti-vibration hose must be used between water pump and unit, between water pump and water
pipe of system. At the same time, the pipes and the water pump shall have bracket to prevent the unit from
receiving force.
5.4.13 Wash and thermal insulation of system water pipes shall be done before connecting the pipe with the unit.
5.5 Safety Precautions
5.5.1The system pressure and electric parts will cause danger to the installation and maintenance of the air
conditioner, so only the authorized personnel with qualification can perform the installation, operation and
maintenance of the air conditioner.
5.5.2Please comply with the protection measures and safety warnings marked on the documents, labels
and nameplate on the unit.
5.5.3 Please comply with various safety regulations, wearing safety glasses and working gloves, and when
welding, wear the fireproof clothes.
Warning: Before maintaining the unit, cut off the main power supply of the unit,
otherwise electric shock will cause.
5.5.4 When maintaining, only the original parts shall be used and pay attention to correct installation, and
the parts must be installed in their original position.
5.5.5 During unit operation, the temperature of some parts of the refrigerant circuit may exceed 70℃, so
that the untrained personnel shall not make bold to remove the protection panel of the unit.
5.5.6 Unit shall not be installed in the air containing explosive gases.
5.5.7 If the heat pump type unit operates under the condition below 0℃, it must be installed in a place
300mm higher than the ground, which can not only prevent the bottom plate from freezing, but also prevent
the accumulated snow from reaching this height to influence the unit's normal operation. The unit shall be
installed on a flat surface (the max. deviation of the ground level shall not exceed 2mm/m.)



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