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Haier CA0100MANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual page 22

Air cooled module water chiller heat pump / cooling only r22 refrigerant 100kw 3ph, 380v, 50hz
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b. Timer On/Off
Timer on, timer off, cycling timer setting and combination timer setting can be chosen through wired
controller. Each combination timer setting is valid for within 24 hours and cycling timer setting is valid all the
time. The combination timer setting can be selected only when the code [SA09] is set as Off, and the
cycling timer setting can be selected only when the code [SA09] is set On.
c. Temperature sensor compensation
In some special cases, if the sensor lead is too long or the installation of indoor fan is limited by
installing space, the measured temperature of sensor needs compensation and correction. This function
can be achieved by revising code [PC01] and [PC08]. If one code is set as cancelled "---", it means the
respective temperature sensor is cancelled. Corresponding function and protection function will be
cancelled as well.
d. Unit power-off memory
e. Fault alarm and query
f. Return water temperature, environment temperature and coil pipe temperature display and query.
g. Unit operating code set and reset
h. System clock set and display
i. Compressor operating average energy consumption
The system records the operation time of every compressor separately, those with a shorter operation
time will start first when the system starts, and those with a longer time will close first when the system
j. Defrosting options
12.4.5 Protection and safety
a. Over-load protection for cooling operation
The outdoor coil temp. will rise if the cooling load too high, when the temperature is higher than [EP02],
over-load protection will be activated.
b. Over-temperature protection for heating operation
When the system is in the process of heating, in order to avoid fault of inner coil pipe due to
over-temperature, if the return water temperature is higher than [EP04], over-temperature protection will be
c. Frost-proof in winter
In order to avoid circulated water being frozen in the winter, controller will protect the system.according
to code [EP07]. Controller has 2-level frost-proof protection, the Level 1 protection starts the circulating
pump, auxiliary electric heating at a fixed intervals. The Level 2 protection starts the heating system of
compressor to heat the circulated water.
d. Flow protection switch



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