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Haier CA0100MANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual page 20

Air cooled module water chiller heat pump / cooling only r22 refrigerant 100kw 3ph, 380v, 50hz
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12.3.4 Mode setting.
Press [MODE] to enter the mode setting. Controller recognizes controller mode automatically. Mode
setting cycles between cooling and heating.
12.3.5 Temperature-setting
When the unit is on, you can adjust controller to set temperature. Press the [▲] and [▼] keys, the
temperature will increase and decrease accordingly. The max and min temperature values are determined
by controller.
12.3.6 Fault query
When a fault occurs, symbol of "unit" glistens and also fault code displays in the fault code displaying
zone. Corresponding unit number also glistens at the interval of 2 seconds, press [query] key will display
fault code in the fault code displaying zone.
If there are several faults, press [▲] and [▼] key, you can see fault codes in turns.
12.3.7 Temperature query
Press the [QUERY] key, you can check temperatures and unit state. On normal condition, unit number
represents the running unit. Press the [QUERY] key, you can chose unit number that is activated, and the
chosen unit number glistens quickly at the intervals of 0.5 second.
When the unit is in query mode, press time key [▲] and [▼], you can see fault code in turn. Press
temperature key [▲] and [▼], you can see the temperatures of all units.
When the unit temperature is in query mode, the code of sensor from P01 to P08 is shown on the code
displaying zone, temperature displaying zone presents the corresponding temperature. The sensor that is
not equipped to the controller will not be displayed.
12.3.8 Output equipments status query
When the unit is in query mode, equipment output status will be shown on the controller.
12.4 Functions descriptions
12.4.1 System structure
A. single unit system
Multi units system: integrating an outdoor unit and several indoor units into a centralized controlling
system by RS-485 bus. The multi system use one water system; the outdoor unit controls interlinked
operation of system pump and other indoor units use the same water system. The master unit
harmonizes the whole system, and the slave units are consistent with the master unit. When the
working mode of the master unit changes, all slave units change accordingly. When the master unit is
off, all slave units can't be turned on.
12.4.2 Unit number setting
The system is a central air conditioner controlling system consisting of one wired controller and 16
modules numbered from 1 to 16. Every controller panel is assigned with a different address according to



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