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Control Functions - Haier CA0100MANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual

Air cooled module water chiller heat pump / cooling only r22 refrigerant 100kw 3ph, 380v, 50hz
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temperature setting, clock setting, timer setting, reset/dark. General layout of all touch buttons is illustrated
in the above diagram. Press valid button once or receive signal by remote control, LCD will display the
corresponding mode, backlight lightens, the buzzer gives a beep, and backlight is off 10 seconds later

12.2 Control functions

1. Working mode: cooling → heating
2. Working method: auto running operation
3. Monitor type: real time monitoring (resumable fault, serious fault protection): query display (real
time temperature detection)
4. Intelligent operation when a sensor fault occurs.
5. LCD backlight (yellow/green light, blue light, white light)
6. Fault alarm
7. Remote receiving function (informed before being ordered)
8. Resumable fault protection
9. Serious fault protection.
12.3 Buttons operation instructions
12.3.1 Clock adjustment
Press [CLOCK] into the clock adjustment. Firstly the minute indicator flashes, which shows that you
can adjust clock by pressing [▲] and [▼] keys. Press [▲] once, the number is increased by 1, press time
key [▼] once, the number is decreased by 1. If pressing time [▲] and [▼] keys for a long time, the number
will increase and decrease automatically.
Press [CLOCK] again in the minute setting mode to enter hour setting mode.
Time adjustment can be cycled by pressing [CLOCK] key. If the controller is not operated within a fixed
period of time, it will quit time adjustment automatically.
12.3.2 Timer setting
Press [TIMER] to enter timer setting. Timer setting sequence is as follows: minute setting of TIMER ON,
hour setting of TIMER ON, minute setting of TIMER OFF, hour setting of TIMER OFF,
repeating/combination timer setting, cancellation of timer setting.
In the timer setting mode, the adjustment of [▲] and [▼] keys is as the same as clock adjustment.
12.3.3 On/Off operation
When unit is off, red indicator of controller lightens. Start up the unit by pressing [On/Off].
When unit is on, green indicator of controller lightens. Stop the unit by pressing [On/Off].
Caution: if the controller is used to set the interlink function of the indoor fan coil and the controller
receives no interlink signal, green indicator of controller will lighten when the appliance is working. If serious
faults are present, red indicator of controller will lighten.



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