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Haier CA0100MANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual page 18

Air cooled module water chiller heat pump / cooling only r22 refrigerant 100kw 3ph, 380v, 50hz
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Controller system is constituted by 1 to 16 HAC-F3S-H PCB and one or many MCU. parallel connect
each MCU when use many MCU.
Module PCB
There should be at least one main module PCB in the system, the address of which is 0000 and the No.
is 1#. From the module PCB can connect max. 15 and address can be setted from 0001 to 1111, set No.
from 2# to 15#. Each PCB must be setted address differently in the system.
Setting method of module number
1. Press the DOWN, M and T button.
2. Input the password (0000) to come into the program.
3. Press S button after you input four zero.
4. The LED will display six code(A, B, C, D, E, F). They stand for six kind of data.
A --- unfreeze data
B --- work temp
C --- protect
D --- work data
E --- password setting
F --- number module setting
5. Press UP or DOWN to choose F and S to confirm it.
6. You will see an "A" symbol.
7. Press DOWN button, "B" will be added. And repeat press DOWN, "C" will be added. Repeat this
process till A B C D E F displayed.
8. Press M button twice to quit the program.
9. The LED will display "---" after you quit the program and last 26 seconds or so. The program is
resetting during this period.
10. Start the chiller according to normal process
12.1 Operation and guidance
There are 11 Touch buttons on the control panel for On/Off operation, mode selection, parameter query,
Module PCB
Module PCB
Module PCB
Module PCB



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