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Toshiba GF630 Manual Page 12

Electromagnetic flowmeter.
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GF630/LF620 GF632/LF622
Piping Precautions
(1) Design piping so that the flowmeter detector pipe is
always filled with the fluid being measured,
whether the fluid is flowing or not.
(2) The detector has no adjustable piping mechanism.
Install an adjustable short pipe where needed.
(3) The required straight pipe length should comply
with the requirements as follows.
(4) Be sure to ground the flowmeter according to
the flow meter instruction manual.
Required straight pipe length
Required straight pipe length
Required straight pipe length
Required straight pipe length
When using 90-dgree bend, tee,
diffuser or fully opened valve
When using other types of
When no valve plate protrudes
into the detector pipe
L: Required straight pipe length, D: Meter size
Piping materials (to be ordered separately)
Mating flanges:
The flowmeter must be mounted with its detector
pipe connected between the flanges in the pipeline. If
no flanges are used where the flowmeter is to be
mounted, mating flanges are needed.
Adjustable short pipe:
When both the upstream and downstream pipe
sections cannot be adjusted laterally along the pipeline,
an adjustable short pipe may be needed.
When the flowmeter with its Meter size smaller than
that of the pipeline should be installed, reducers are
needed on both ends of the flowmeter detector.
Reducers with pipe extensions:
Reducers with adjustable piping mechanism.
Gasket :
Gasket is needed for piping. In the case of the
detector with grounding ring and Teflon lining,
additional gasket is needed between grounding ring
and lining face.
About establishment environment
Do not store or install the flowmeter :
• Where there is direct sunlight.
• Where excessive vibration or mechanical shock
• Where high temperature or high humidity
conditions exist.
• Where corrosive atmospheres exist.
• Places that can be submerged under water.
• Where there is a sloped floor. To put the flowmeter
temporarily on the floor, place it carefully with
something, such as a block, to support it so that the
L ≥ 5D
flowmeter will not topple over.
L ≥ 10D
In areas like the following, there may be the case that
infrared switches do not function correctly. (If these
L ≥ 0
are unavoidable, use an appropriate cover.)
(1) Where unit (operation panel) is exposed to direct
sunlight, reflection of light onto window pane and
diffused light reflection.
(2) Where smoke and steam may occur.
(3) Where exposed to direct snow, ice or mud.


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