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Using Optional Equipment; Auxiliary Audio Equipment; Additional Information; Precautions - Sony WX-VX55S Operating Instructions Manual

Fm/mw/sw 2din multi media player
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Using optional equipment

Auxiliary audio equipment

By connecting an optional portable audio device
to the AUX input jack (stereo mini jack) on the
unit and then simply selecting the source, you
can listen on your car speakers. The volume level
is adjustable for any difference between the unit
and the portable audio device. Follow the
procedure below:
Connecting the portable audio
1 Turn off the portable audio device.
2 Turn down the volume on the unit.
3 Connect to the unit.
* Be sure to use a straight type plug.
Adjust the volume level
Be sure to adjust the volume for each connected
audio device before playback.
1 Turn down the volume on the unit.
2 Press (SOURCE) repeatedly until "AUX"
"FRONT IN" appears.
3 Start playback of the portable audio device at a
moderate volume.
4 Set your usual listening volume on the unit.
5 Press the select button repeatedly until "AUX"
appears, and rotate the volume control dial to
adjust the input level (–8 dB to +18 dB).
Connecting cord*
(not supplied)

Additional Information


• If your car has been parked in direct sunlight,
allow the unit to cool off before operating it.
• Power antenna (aerial) will extend automatically
while the unit is operating.
• When a tape is played back for a long period, the
cassette may become warm because of the built-in
power amplifier. However, this is not a sign of
Moisture condensation
On a rainy day or in a very damp area, moisture
condensation may occur inside the lenses and
display of the unit. Should this occur, the unit will
not operate properly. In such a case, remove the disc
and wait for about an hour until the moisture has
To maintain high sound quality
Be careful not to splash juice or other soft drinks
onto the unit, discs or tapes.

Notes on discs

• To keep a disc clean, do not touch its surface.
Handle the disc by its edge.
• Keep your discs in their cases or disc magazines
when not in use.
• Do not subject discs to heat/high temperature.
Avoid leaving them in a parked car or on a
dashboard/rear tray.
• Do not attach labels, or use discs with sticky ink/
residue. Such discs may stop spinning when used,
causing a malfunction, or may ruin the disc.



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