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Power Cord - Black & Decker vh802 User Manual

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• Do not use this product while standing in
water or on wet surfaces.
• Do not vacuum burning or smoking
materials, such as lit cigarette butts,
matches or hot ashes.
• Do not use on or near hot surfaces. Keep
cord away from heated surfaces.
• Do not use without dirt bowl and filters
in place.
• Using improper voltage may result in
damage to the motor and possible injury
to the user. Correct voltage is listed on
the rating label.
IMPORTANT:This appliance is intended for
household use only and not for commercial
or industrial use.
Save all warnings and instructions for future
This tool includes some or all of the
following features.
A. Dust bowl
B. Dust bowl release button
C. On/o switch
D. Turbo Brush
E. Sofa Brush
F. Crevice nozzle
G. Straps
H. Blow Nozzle
I. Power cord
J. Extension hose
K. Telescopic Tube
(Original instructions)
L. Exhaust Filter
M. Exhaust filter grill
N. Dust bag
O. Motor filter
CAUTION! The motor of the appliance is
fitted with a thermal safeguard. This device
automatically switches the appliance o in
case of overheating. If this occurs proceed
as follows:
• Switch the appliance off and remove the
plug from the wall socket.
• Allow the unit to cool. When the unit has
cooled down, check and clean the filters.
• Re-insert the plug in the wall socket and
switch the appliance on.
Warning! Make sure that the appliance is
switched o and unplugged.
Attaching the accessories for vacuuming
(fig. 2/ fig. 3/ fig. 4/ fig. 5/ fig. 6/ fig. 7)
The accessories provided can be used in
various combinations, depending on the
• General vacuuming / dusting
• Vacuuming in confined spaces.
• Vacuuming upholstery or in corners.
To attach, insert the appropriate accessory
into the front of the appliance as shown.
Switching on ando
• To switch the tool on, set the on/off
switch (C) to position I.
• To switch the tool off, set the on/off
switch (C) to position O.



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