General Features - Philips AQ6691/00 User Manual

Stereo radio cassette player
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2 Push the belt clip down 2 and turn 3 to LOCK as
indicated on the set.
3 To detach: gently lift belt clip and turn to RELEASE as
indicated on the set.


Reset button
Should you receive external interference e.g. static electricity
from carpets, thunderstorms, etc. which affects the display
and electronic functions of your set, the RESET button allows
you to clear all data (e.g. time setting, presets) from your set
and to start up again.
• Use the tip of the headphone plug or a ballpoint pen to
press RESET found on the back of the cassette door.
Memory protection
The memory protection acts as a backup should there be a
power failure or interruption.
When changing batteries or power supply, the time setting,
presets and the last station listened to are retained for about
30 minutes. This allows you to change batteries or power
supply without having to set your stored data all over again.
Note: The clock time freezes during memory protection, so
you may have to adjust the time when battery/ power
supply is resumed.


Table of Contents

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