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Philips AQ6691/00 User Manual page 5

Stereo radio cassette player
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To improve reception:
FM: The headphone cord functions as the FM-aerial. Extend it
fully and position the cord.
AM: Uses the built-in aerial. Turn the set to find the best
5 Adjust the sound with VOLUME and DBB ON/OFF
(Dynamic Bass Boost).
6 To switch off the radio, press RADIO ON/OFF•BAND once
or more until OFF appears briefly.
– The display returns to clock time.
Manual tuning
• Press TUNING + or – briefly, once or more until the right
frequency is found. In this way, the frequency can be
changed step by step.
Automatic tuning
1 Press and hold down the TUNING + or – control until the
display frequency starts to run.
2 When a station of sufficient strength has been found tuning
stops, or you can stop automatic tuning by pressing either
TUNING + or – control again.
3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have found the desired
You can store the frequencies of up to 10 radio stations in the
memory, 5 on each wave band. A stored frequency is only
erased from the memory by storing another frequency in its
1 Select your wave band and tune to your desired station
(See previous chapter on TUNING).
2 Press one of the preset numbers (1-5) for 2 seconds or more
to store your station.
– PRESET appears in the display.
3 To listen to a preset station, select your wave band and
then press the preset number of your desired station.
Erasing the PRESET Memory
• Use the tip of the headphone plug or a ballpoint pen to
press RESET found on the back of the cassette door.
0:00. All previous preset stations
– The display shows
are erased and the clock time will need to be re-entered.


Table of Contents

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