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Cleaning And Maintenance - Whirlpool ACK2430 Installation Use And Care Manual

Built-in ranges
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• How to install the knobs if you remove them for cleaning:
1.- The valve should be in off position.
2.- The knob should be in vertical position, the red mark
up and the small lever to the left side (See the illustration)
3.- Insert the knob in the valve, be sure that the small pin behind
the knob is aligned to the hole on the manifold panel, push
the knob until the face of the manifold panel.
• To assembly the knobs:
1.- Put the spring on the knob base.
2.- Put the knob on the spring. The red mark must be upside
while the lever of the base must be pointed down.
3.- Insert the metallic ring on the knob shaft.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regularly clean grates, burners, cooktop and the oven tray, use water,
soap and a damp cloth, avoid using abrasive or sharp objects. Periodically
clean the gap between the cooktop and the manifold panel.
Your range has the Continuous Cleaning System in the oven, it is
not necessary to clean the walls of the oven, the spills will burn
each time you bake.
• How to remove the oven tray:
1.- Take the tray by the side holes.
and lift the rear side.
2.- Push the tray towards the top and
back of the oven.
3.- Pull the tray out the oven.
Do not use caustic soda or cleaning
agents which contain it to clean the
Failure on following the above, will
permanently damage the surfaces
where it is applied.
Metallic Ring
Knob Base
You can use aluminum
foil to wrap the oven tray, avoid
covering the side grooves.



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