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Installing In Cubicle Or On Truck; Flat Bar Connection 3/1~3/2 - Siemens 3AH3 Operating Instructions Manual

Vacuum circuit breaker 7.2kv 36kv.
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Installing in cubicle or on truck

The 3AH3 vacuum circuit-breaker are supplied in the
open state with the "closing spring discharged"
indication (55.) visible. Before installing the 3AH3 V-
breaker, remove the transport device (skids and
spacers). Mount face loose supplied phase barrier in
accordance with the supplied drawings.
Before installing the 3AH3 vacuum circuit-breaker in a
cubicle or a truck check its rating plate data (to avoid
confusion) and compare the rated voltage indicated in
the delivery papers with the power supply voltage
available at the site.
On the vacuum circuit-breaker with undervoltage
release (Y7) 3AX1103, the arresting screw of the
hammer must be moved from position A to B (see
annex to operating instructions for release or note card
in mechanism housing [60.] of vacuum circuit-breaker).
On the pole plate (15.) and on the mechanism housing
(60.) there are a total of 14 fixing holes – to suit the
various types of installation (Fig.3/1). For installation of
vacuum circuit breakers with rated short circuit
breaking current > 50kA we recommend to only the
pole plate.
Use M12 fixing bolts - strength class 8 – making
reference to the mandatory dimension drawings.
The rack or frame must be adapted to the operating
conditions and have adequate load bearing capacity
and stability.
Holes for M12 bolts
M12 螺栓孔
Fig.3/1 Means of fixing 3AH3 vacuum circuit-breaker
图.3/1 3AH3 真空断路器的固定方法
Flat bar connection
Prior to fitting the conductors fix them so as to ensure
smooth contact with their connecting parts and with the
holes in full alignment.
Rub the contact faces to be bolted together with criss-
crossing strokes using a wire brush until bright metal
shows and wipe then with a clean rag.
Note! Copper-sprayed and spray silver-plated surfaces
should be cleaned a rag and not brushed.
Operating Instruction Siemens 3AH3 / 西门子 3AH3 真空断路器使用手册
3AH 真空断路器出厂时处于分闸状态并 可看到"合闸弹
簧未储能"指示 (55.). 在安装 3AH3 断路器以前, 首先除
去运输装备 (垫木及固定铁板). 根据所提供的图纸安装
在把断路器安装于开关柜或手车之前, 核对铭牌数据 (以
对于带有欠电压脱扣器 (Y7) 3AX1103 的断路器, 脱扣器
上的调节螺栓必须从 A 位调整到 B 位 (详见附录
脱扣器使用说明或断路器机构箱 (60.) 的说明卡).
在极柱安装板 (15.) 和机构箱上 (60.) 共有 14 个固定孔
– 适用于不同的安装 (图.3/1). 当安装额定短路电流大于
50kA 时的断路器时我们建议使用极柱安装板图的安装孔.
应用 M1 固定螺栓 - 强度等级为 8 级 - 参照指示尺寸图.
View Y/ Y 向
View Z/ Z 向
预先安装之前, 检查连接导体是否光滑接触并且安装孔
注意! 喷铜或镀银表面应用抹布清洁切勿用刷子.
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