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The device conducts hazardous voltages
The capacitors and the line and motor terminals may conduct hazardous voltages
even when the device is not in service and is disconnected from the line
Electric shocks and short-circuits may occur if personnel come into contact with
live parts, spill liquids on them or touch them with objects.
Avoid any contact with live parts, spilling liquids on them or touching them
with objects.
After switching off the power supply, wait at least 5 minutes before opening
the device.
Take additional external measures if there is a risk of short-circuits; for
example, independent limit switches or mechanical interlocks, etc.
The device controls rotating mechanical parts
Contact with them can cause severe physical injuries and serious material
Only touch those parts in a stopped state.
Certain parameter settings can cause the variable speed drive to restart
automatically after a fault or after a failure in the power supply once the fault is
eliminated and acknowledged or after the power supply is restored.
Ensure that the DIP switches are correctly set, and that the inputs are
properly configured. Otherwise, the drive can start inadvertently.
The devices may only be installed, commissioned, and maintained by trained
Many dangers, some potentially fatal, are posed by permitting unqualified
personnel to work on the device. They may also result in damage to the device
and to the plant.
 Qualified personnel are specialists who possess the skills required to install,
mount, commission, operate, and repair the devices. These people must have
the following qualifications:
They must have received training and be authorized to switch the variable
speed drives on and off, to ground the devices in accordance with safety
standards and to tag the circuits. They are generally people with expertise in
the area of electrical installation or people who work under the supervision of
experts, such as qualified electricians.
They have to be familiar with all the safety information, installation and
operating instructions contained in this Guide and be trained to perform first


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