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Each BACnet device has precisely one BACnet device object. A BACnet device is
uniquely identified by an NSAP (Network Service Access Point). An NSAP consists
of a network number and a MAC address. This address is BACnet-specific and
must not be confused with the Ethernet MAC address.
The drive receives control commands and setpoints via service instructions from
the control and transmits its status back to the control. The drive can also send
telegrams automatically itself or execute services, e.g., I-Am.

Basic settings

Macro drive unit
During the basic commissioning, select the value 110 "BACnet MSTP", or with
firmware < 4.6 the value 21.
Fieldbus protocol selection (only with firmware < 4.6)
5: BACnet
Valid BACnet addresses: 1...127
Fieldbus baud rate
6: 9600 bps (factory setting)
7: 19200 bps
8: 38400 bps
10: 76800 bps
Processing times
[0]: 0ms ... 10000 ms, maximum processing time (APDU timeout)
Factory setting: 1000 ms
[1...2]: No significance for BACnet
BACnet communication parameter
The device object ID (p2025[0]) must be greater than 1 in the case of firmware < 4.6.
[0]: 0...4194303, device object instance number
Factory setting: 1
[1]: 1...10, Maximum info frames
Factory setting: 1
For optimum performance, this value should be set to 10.
[2]: 0...99, number of APDU retries after fault telegrams
Factory setting: 3
[3]: 1...127, maximum master address
Factory setting: 127.
To optimize performance, this value should not be greater than the number of
devices on the bus (including the master).
Setting the COV increment (COV = change of values)
Here you can define a setting for the value changes for which an
UnConfirmedCOVNotification or ConfirmedCOVNotificationresult is sent. The
factory setting 0.100 means that an UnConfirmedCOVNotification or
ConfirmedCOVNotification is sent if the value being considered (e.g. for a control
range from 0 ... 10 V) changes by an absolute value of ≥ 0.1. Of course this only
applies if previously a SubscribeCOV service was activated for the particular
object instance. You can also set the COV increment using the object property
"COVIncrement" of the particular analog input.
Factory setting: 0.100.
[0]: COV increment of object instance "Analog Input 0"
[1]: COV increment of object instance "Analog Input 1"
[2]: COV increment of object instance "Analog Input 10"
[3]: COV increment of object instance "Analog Input 11"
Process data monitoring time [ms]


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