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Multi Room; About Multi Room; What You Need; Using Multi Room - Philips 43PUT6101 User Manual

6101 series.
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Multi room


About Multi room

With Multi Room you can watch a TV programme that
comes from another TV in your home. The
programme is streamed from one TV to the other. You
can stream a programme to a TV that has no antenna
connection or has no Smart card subscription of its
own. You can also stream a recorded programme
from a TV with a connected Hard Drive.
The TV that streams the programme to the other TV,
must be switched on and must tune to the channel or
play the recording.
Streaming a TV programme with Multi Room will
reduce the picture resolution to 720p maximum. You
cannot stream radio channels. Some broadcasters
protect their programmes to prevent this kind of

What you need

To stream a TV programme from one TV to another,
the programme must come from a digital TV channel.
Both TVs must be connected to your wireless home
network. For more information,
Keywords and look up Wireless Network.
Also, both TVs must have a Philips model number
that ends with an 8 or higher - e.g. xxXXXxxx8. It
might be necessary to update the older TV with its
latest software. On the older TV, read the Help
chapter on updating software.
Make sure that both TVs have the setting Switch on
with Wi-Fi (WoWLAN) switched on in the TV setup.
To check this setting on this TV...
1 - Press  , select Network and press  (right) to
enter the menu.
2 - Select Switch on with Wi-Fi (WoWLAN) and
press OK.
3 - Select On and press OK.
4 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close
the menu.

Using Multi room

First time use
When you start Multi room for the first time, switch on
both TVs.
Once this TV made a connection with the other TV,
the other one will appear automatically in
the Browse network menu even when it's in
Stream a TV channel
With Multi room, you can watch the current TV
channel or open the channel list of the other TV. If
you select a channel from the list, the other TV will
also switch to the channel you selected. If the other
TV has a build-in satellite tuner with installed
channels or a connected Hard Disc Drive (HDD) with
recordings*, you can also watch these on this TV. You
cannot switch channels while the other TV is
recording, in Pause TV mode or using Skype.
To watch a TV channel from the other TV . . .
1 - Make sure the other TV is in standby* or switched
2 - On this TV, press  SOURCES , select Browse
network and press OK.
3 - If the TV is not yet connected to your home
network, the network installation will start
automatically. If the TV is already connected, go to
step 4.
4 - In the Browse network menu, select the name
of the other TV and press OK. If you have several TVs
in your home, you might want to change the name of
the other TV. You can do that on the TV itself.
5 - Select what you want to watch from the other TV
. . .
• to watch the current channel of the other TV,
select Current channel and press OK.
• to open the channel list of the other TV,
select Watch TV and press  (Right).
• to open the satellite channel list of the other TV,
select Watch satellite and press  (Right).
• to open the list of recordings* on the other TV,
select Watch recordings and press  (Right).
• you can switch channels with  + and  -. You
cannot switch channels when the other TV is
recording, in Pause TV mode or using Skype.
* To switch on the other TV from standby or to watch
its recordings from a connected HDD, both TVs must
have a type number that ends with an 8 or higher -
e.g. xxXXXxxx8 or xxXXXxxx9.


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