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Appendix G) Adding Additional Doors; Appendix H) Resetting The Panel - Honeywell NetAXS-123 Startup Manual

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NetAXS-123 Startup Guide, Document 800-05780V2

APPENDIX G) Adding Additional Doors

With the addition of either a 1- or 2-door Add-On board, the modular
design of the NetAXS-123 allows the ability to easily expand from
one door to either two or three doors.
Expanding from 1 door to 2 doors:
Expanding from 1 door to 3 doors:
Setup of the 2nd and 3rd door is accomplished by selecting Add/
Modify/Delete under Access Levels from the Landing Page and
enabling the correct door, reader and access level.
To expand your system beyond three doors, please refer to the
NetAXS-123 User Guide, # 800-05168 or NetAXS-123 Product CD.
2013 Honeywell, Inc.

APPENDIX H) Resetting the Panel

NOTE: When you use the DIP switches to reset a panel to the
original factory default values, the Event History is lost and any
customized databases are removed; the panel is reset with the original
factory default database. This does not affect the Ethernet IP address.
To reset the panel to the factory default values:
1. Make a note of the existing settings on SWI DIP switches.
2. While the panel is powered up, turn all of the DIP switches to
the OFF position. NOTE: The OFF position of the DIP
switches is towards the outer edge of the panel. The ON
position is towards the inner part of the panel.
3. Power down. Then power the panel back up.
4. Wait for the panel to come up. The RUN LED should flicker
5. Set the DIP switches back to their original positions.
6. Power down. Then power the panel back up.
7. The RUN LED should flash at a normal pace.
The panel is now reset to the original factory default values.
Factory default DIP Switch settings:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


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