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Auto Power Off; Auto/Manual Ranging; Data Hold; Backlight - Craftsman 82369 Owner's Manual

Ac/dc clamp meter
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To extend the battery life, the meter will enter the sleep mode after
30 minutes of continuous use. Turn the function switch to the OFF
position to shut the meter OFF and then to the needed function to
resume operation.


The meter turns on in Autoranging mode. Press the RANGE button
to enter manual ranging. Each press of the range button will step
to the next range as indicated by the units and decimal point
location. Press and hold the RANGE button for two seconds to
return to Autoranging mode.
Note: Manual ranging does not function in AC Current or Diode
and Continuity check functions. In Temperature function, it will
change the resolution from 0.1° to 1°.


To freeze the LCD meter reading, press the HOLD button. While
data hold is active, the HOLD display icon appears on the LCD.
Press the HOLD button again to return to normal operation.


Press and hold the HOLD button for >2 seconds to turn the
backlight on/off.
Note: The HOLD feature will activate when the backlight is turned
on. Press the HOLD button again to exit the Hold feature.
Zeros Capacitance and DC Current measurements. It also allows
you to make measurements relative to a stored reference value. A
reference voltage, current, etc. can be stored and measurements
can be made in comparison to that value. The displayed value is
the difference between the reference and measured value.
1. Perform any measurement as described in this manual.
2. Press the ZERO button to store the displayed reading (the ZERO
indicator will appear on the display).
3. The display will now indicate the difference between the stored value
and the measured value.
4. Press the ZERO button to return to normal operation

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