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Rapid traverse
Reference point
Reference point
Rotary axis
Setting data
Soft key
Teach In
Tool nose radius
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SINUMERIK 840D/810D Operator's Guide ManualTurn (BAM) – 08.02 Edition
The preset function is a means of redefining the control zero in the
machine coordinate system. Preset does not trigger movement of the
axes: instead, a new position value is entered for the current axis
Highest speed of an axis, used, for example, to bring the tool from an
idle position to the -> workpiece contour or move it back from the
workpiece contour.
A point on the machine tool to which the measurement system of the
-> machine refers.
If the system of position measuring employed is not based on
absolute-value encoders, the control must perform a reference point
approach in order to ensure that the measured values supplied by the
measuring system are in harmony with the machine coordinate values.
Rotary axes cause the tool or workpiece to rotate to a specified angle
Data which provide the NC with information on the properties of the
machine tool in a way defined by the software.
A key whose name appears on an area of the screen. The choice of
soft keys displayed is adapted dynamically to the operating situation.
The freely assignable function keys (soft keys) are assigned to
functions defined in the software.
Teach In is a means of creating or correcting parts programs. The
individual program blocks are keyed in via the keyboard and executed
immediately. Positions entered with the direction keys or handwheels
can also be stored. Additional specifications such as G functions,
feedrates and M functions can be entered in the same block.
A part which in a machine tool is employed to shape the workpiece, for
example a turning tool, milling cutter, drill, laser beam, etc.
When a contour is programmed, it is assumed that the tool is pointed.
Since this is not always the case in practice, the curvature radius of
the tool used is specified so that the control can make allowance for it.
The curvature center point is guided along an equal distance to the
contour at an offset corresponding to the curvature radius.
1. Part to be produced/machined by the machine tool.
2. A workpiece is a directory in which programs and other data are
stored. Workpieces are also stored in a directory.


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