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Pentair Pool Products MASTERTEMP 250K BTU/HR Installation And User Manual: Installation Instructions; Pre-existing Vent Systems

Pool and spa heater 120/240 vac natural gas/lp gas.
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Risk of fire or explosion from flammable
vapors. Do not store gasoline, cleaning fluids, varnishes,
paints, or other volatile flammable liquids near heater or
in the same room with heater.
The following maintenance is recommended every six
months and at the start of every swimming season:
1. Inspect the heater panels and venting system to
make sure that there are no obstructions to the flow
of ventilating air or burner exhaust. Check that room
air intakes are open and clear of obstructions.
2. Keep the area in and around the heater clear and
free from combustible materials, gasoline and other
flammable vapors and corrosive liquids.
3. Test the operation of the pressure relief valve by lift-
ing the valve lever.
4. Test for proper operation of the pressure switch. (See
"SWITCH SETTINGS" for testing instructions).
5. On enclosed installations with high-temperature
Special Gas Vent systems, repeat the "Final
Installation Check," page 15. Check for evidence of
joint leakage. Make sure that joints have not slipped
partially or completely apart. Check pipe and fittings
for cracks or breaks.
The combustion air blower is permanently lubricated, and
does not require periodic lubrication. The burner does not
require maintenance or adjustment by the user. Call a
qualified service technician if you suspect that the burner
may require maintenance.
For outdoor heaters in freezing climates, shut the heater
down and drain it for winter as follows:
1. Turn off electrical supply to the heater and pump.
2. Close main gas control valve and manual gas valve
(located outside the heater). Turn switch on heater
gas valve to OFF.
3. Open drain cock located on the bottom of the manifold
adapter, and drain the heat exchanger and manifold
adapter completely. If heater is below pool water level,
be sure to close isolation valves to prevent draining
the pool (isolation valves are not required and should
not be used on heaters installed above pool water
level). Assist the draining by blowing out the heat
exchanger through the pressure switch fitting with low
pressure compressed air (less than 5 PSI or 35 kPa).
Explosion hazard. Purging the system with
compressed air can cause components to explode, with
risk of severe injury or death to anyone nearby. Use only
a low pressure (below 5 PSI or 35 kPa), high volume
blower when air purging the heater, pump, filter, or pip-
4. Remove the Water Pressure Switch. Plug the port in
the manifold to prevent bugs and dirt from getting
into the manifold.
5. Drain the plastic inlet/outlet manifold through the
outlet pipe. If the pipe does not drain naturally to the
pool, install a drain cock in the outlet pipe to drain
the manifold.
6. Cover air inlet grate with a plastic bag to prevent
bugs, leaves, etc., from getting into the heater.
NOTICE: Water trapped in the heater can cause freeze
damage. Allowing the heater to freeze voids the
To return the heater to service after winterizing:
Close drain cock and fittings.
2. Before starting the heater, circulate water through
the heater for several minutes until all air noises
stop. See also "BEFORE STARTUP" (Page 4) and


Risk of fire, explosion, or asphyxiation if heater
is improperly installed, adjusted, serviced or maintained.
These instructions are for licensed, certified, trained and
experienced installers only. Be sure your installer or ser-
vice technician holds all required licenses or certification
for your area. Attempts by unqualified persons to service
or repair this heater are dangerous and could be fatal.
If you are considering connecting this heater to a pre-exist-
ing vent system, make sure that the vent system meets the
appropriate venting requirements as given in this manual,
Pages 9-15. If not, replace the vent system. DO NOT use a
draft hood with this heater.
If the heater is installed below the level of the pool, or
more than two feet above pool level, the pressure switch
setting should be adjusted. See PRESSURE SWITCH, in
the MAINTENANCE section.
Before putting the heater into service for the first time,
follow the instructions under "BEFORE START-UP" (page
4) in the front of this manual. Check for proper operation
of the heater by following the steps under "OPERATING
Damage to equipment caused by improper installation or
repair will void the warranty.


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