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Installing The Hicom Attendant P Via A U P0/Epci Card With Handset Cradle And Handset - Siemens Hicom 150 E User And Installation Manual

Attendant p for hicom 150 e office
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Installing the Hicom Attendant P via a U
with Handset Cradle and Handset
your PC manufacturer. If you do not have a free COM port, you
can configure additional COM ports in your PC (for example,
COM3 and COM4) by installing an additional interface card
(available from your PC dealer).
Connect the free COM port to the port on the back of the op-
tiset E control/data adapter using the serial cable provided.
7 .
If applicable, connect the headset to the optiset E control/data
Reconnect the subscriber line to the optiset E telephone.
Start your PC and install the Attendant P software (
The U
PCI card is a state-of-the-art, plug-in PCI card that allows
you to connect a PC to your Hicom 150 E Office system as though
it were a system telephone. This means that you can also perform
all switching functions from the PC.
For installation, the card requires a virtual COM port, an interrupt
(IRQ) and an I/O address. Because the card is a PCI card, the system
automatically assigns it the interrupt and the I/O address.
The virtual COM port is a COM port installed over and above your
existing COM ports by means of the supplied software. This virtual
COM port has no external port. Normally, the software configures
the virtual COM port as COM3 because most PCs are equipped
with two COM ports. However, you can also change it to COM4 if
COM3 is already being used.
Installing the Hardware
PCI Card