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Troubleshooting - Whirlpool ET22DKXDB00 Use And Care Manual

22’ to 25’ no-frost designerstyle top freezer refrigerator
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Performance problems often result from little things you can foe without tools. Please read through "Before calling
for assistance
. . ." below before calling for service on your appliance.
for assistance
. . .
Listed in this chart are the most wmmon
problems wnsumers
run into with their appliances.
Please read through
this and see if it can solve your problem.
Your refrigerator
will not operate
Is the power supply cord firmly plugged into a live circuit with proper voltage7
Has a household fuse or circuit breaker blown/tripped?
Is the Refrigerator Control set to the OFF position?
The lights do
not work
Is the power supply wrd firmly plugged into a live circuit with proper voltage?
Has a household fuse or circuit breaker blown/tripped?
Is a bulb burned out?
The optional ice
maker does
not work
Is the freezer wkl enough to make ice? It could take overnight for the freezer to reach
the proper temperature.
Is the ON/OFF lever in the ON (down) position? (See page 13.)
Is the water valve turned on?
Does the water line have a clog or leak?
Unfamiliar sounds
Is something on top of or behind the refrigerator?
or a rattling!
jingling noise
Some new sounds are normal. See "Understanding
the sounds you may hear" on
page 17.
There is water in
the defrost pan
This is normal on hot, muggy days. Make sure the refrigerator is level so the pan does
not overflow.
The motor seems
to run too much
Are the condenser coils dirty?
Has the door been opened often? Has a large amount of food been added at one
time? The motor naturally runs longer if these things happen.
Is the room hot? If the room is too warm, the motor runs longer to keep the unit cool.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents