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Technical Information - Digital Meter - Kawasaki KLX250R Owner's Manual

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Technical Information - Digital Meter
Operating Principles
OThe speed sensor [A] attached to the front wheel hub
comprises a magnet [B] and a Hall element [C].
Meter [D]
Direction of rotation [E]
Front side [F]
OThe rotation of the wheel causes the magnet, which
meshes with the wheel inside the speed sensor, to rotate
and produce a change in the magnetic field [A]. The
resulting Hall effect generates voltage pulses [B]. The
voltage is read by a meter that displays the speed of the
vehicle on an LCD.
OThe "Hall element" refers to a semiconductor device made
with GaAs (gallium arsenide), lnAs (indium arsenide), or
lnSb (indium antimonide). The Hall effect, which occurs
specifically in these devices, in utilized in the operation
of ammeters and voltmeters. The "Hall effect" is a phe-
nomenon in which a voltage [D] is generated in a direction
perpendicular to the current and the magnetic field when
a current [B] is passed to a Hall element [A] and when a
magnetic field [C] is applied in a direction perpendicular
to the Hall element.
How to Use the Digital Meter
OEven when the ignition switch is off, the clock continues to
run on battery. If the vehicle is not used for a long period of
time (approximately three months), the battery becomes
depleted. When a motorcycle is not used for a long time,
the battery should be removed from the car and stored in
an appropriate place.
OTurning the ignition switch off clears speedometer,
odometer, and trip meter displays.
Although this
erases any information contained in the memory for
the speedometer, the odometer and trip meter memory
contents are preserved.
OEven when the ignition switch is off, the clock continues to
display time. However, disconnecting the battery erases
any clock display and memory contents. When the bat-
tery is reconnected, the clock starts ticking by displaying
a time "1.00".
ORemoving the battery erases trip meter memory while
preserving odometer memory contents.
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