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You will not be asked for the size of the original in the following cases:
- The paper size set for a specific paper source has been selected manually. (See
- The Image Combination function is set. (See Chapter 2, "Advanced Operations," in the
- Either <Org. Frame Erase> or <Book Frame Erase> is set. (See Chapter 2, "Advanced
If there is a current job, the machine scans the original and waits to print it. Printing starts
when the current job is complete.
You can specify copy settings and scan originals while the machine is in the waiting
state, such as when the machine has just been turned ON, after a paper jam is cleared,
or after a cover on the main unit or an optional unit is closed. Copying automatically
begins as soon as the machine is ready.
If the message <Memory full> appears on the LCD display, divide your originals into
several sets and copy them separately.
If you want to start copying the next original while printing for the
current job is in progress, repeat steps 3 to 6.
You cannot reserve a copy job when paper is jammed or loaded in none of the paper
drawers or stack bypass.
You can reserve up to five copy jobs, including the current job.
You can set different copy modes and paper sources, including the stack bypass, for
each reserved job. For instructions on using the stack bypass, see "Feeding Paper Using
the Stack Bypass," on p. 2-25.
When copying is complete, remove your originals.
If Department ID Management or User ID Management is set, press
For instructions on using Department ID Management, see "Department ID
Management," on p. 4-8.
For instructions on using User ID Management, see Chapter 3, "Customizing Settings,"
in the Remote UI Guide.
Basic Copying
Chapter 1, "Basic Operations," in the Copying Guide.)
Copying Guide.)
Operations," in the Copying Guide.)


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