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Assembling The Top Blocks To The Middle And Rear Vise Jaws; Installing The Rear Vise Jaw/Vise Hand Cranks And Snap-In Knobs; Storage Mode; Hand Cart Mode - Black & Decker Workmate 525 Instruction Manual

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Fig. 6: Assembling the Top Blocks to the Middle and Rear Vise Jaws
1. Assemble two Top Blocks (H) to the underside of the Rear Vise Jaw (F) by fitting the
raised posts on the Top Blocks into the smaller holes of the Rear Vise Jaw.
2. Insert the M8 Bolts (M) through top of the Rear Vise Jaw and into the Top Blocks
3. Tighten the M8 Bolts using the Nut Driver (R) (or Combination Wrench provided)
4. Assemble the Top Blocks (H) to the Middle Vise Jaw (E) using the same procedure as
the Rear Vise Jaw.
Fig. 7: Installing the Rear Vise Jaw
1. Install Rear Vise Jaw (F) in one of 2 possible indexed "keyhole" positions by inserting
the indexing lug into a keyhole in the Vise Bracket.
2. Secure the Rear Vise Jaw by moving the Rear Vise Jaw to the back of the key hole.
Fig. 8, 9 & 10: Installing the Vise Hand Cranks and Snap-in Knobs
1. Fig. 8: Remove and discard the plastic Vise Screw Packing Pieces (B).
2. Align the hole in the Vise Hand Crank (P) with the hole in the Vise Screw (area you
removed the vise screw packing pieces from), push the Vise Hand Crank onto the end
of the Vise Screw and realign the holes.
3. Using a hammer, drive the supplied Spring Pin (O) into the aligned holes.
4. Repeat this procedure for the installation of the other Vise Hand Crank.
5. Fig. 9: Complete the assembly by pushing the Snap-in Knobs (Q) into the holes in
the Vise Hand Cranks.
6. Fig. 10: Tap the Vise Screw Protectors (U) into position as shown.
Reference Fig. 7: Installing the Middle Vise Jaw:
1. Install the Rear Vise Jaw into the back keyholes.
2. With Front Vise Jaw cranked to the front of the work center, insert the indexing lugs of
the Middle Vise Jaw into the front keyholes.
3. Turn Hand Cranks clockwise to tighten.
Fig. 11: Workmate Mode
After assembly the unit is in the Workmate mode.
Fig.11 & 12: Storage Mode
1. Fig. 11: To close the unit from the workmate mode, push and hold the Transition
Lever (shown in the inset) to the right to unlock the unit.
2. Pull up on the upper cross member as shown.
3. Fig. 12: Release the Transition Lever and check that the unit is locked in the storage
position as shown.
Fig.12 & 13: Hand Cart Mode
1. Fig. 12: With the unit in storage mode, use your foot to slide the Toe Plate Slider fully
to the right as shown in the inset .
2. Maintain Toe Plate Slider in this position while pushing forward and down on the Toe
Plate. This will release the locking mechanism and allow the Toe Plate to rotate
3. Fig. 13: The Toe Plate will lock in place when in the working position.
4. To stow the Toe Plate feature, reverse the operation.
5. With your foot slide the Toe Plate Slider to the right.
6. Continue the pressure on the slider and press down on the back of the Toe Plate with
your foot.
7. The Toe Plate should rotate up and back to the upright position.
8. When the Toe Plate can go no further, simply release the slider and the Toe Plate will
lock into place.
9. Check the Toe Plate is locked by tilting back and then forward on the top of the unit.
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