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Frame Assembly; Wheel Assembly; Assembly Of The Vise Brackets; Assembling The Front Vise Jaw - Black & Decker Workmate 525 Instruction Manual

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(D) 1 - Front Vise Jaw
(E) 1 - Middle Vise Jaw (narrow)
(F) 1 - Rear Vise Jaw (wide)
(G) 2 - Wheels
WARNING: Wear eye protection when assembling Workmate.
Fig. 2 & 3: Frame Assembly
1. Fig. 2: Pick up the Frame Assembly (A) as shown. Place foot on the lower portion of
the assembly and push the Transition Lever to the right to unlock the unit.
2. While holding the Transition Lever in the unlocked position, lift up on the upper cross
member until it is fully extended.
3. Rotate the upper cross member toward you and push back on the lower leg assembly
4. Fig. 3: Continue to push down on the upper cross member until the unit locks in the
fully open position.
5. Note! Make sure that the locking pin, is engaged and locked into the opposite
frame hole – a click sound will be heard when locked in place.
Fig. 3: Wheel Assembly
1. Using Wheels (G), M8 Wheel Nuts (S) and Flat Washers (T), assemble to the axles as
Tighten the M8 Wheel Nuts using the Nut Driver (R).
Fig. 4: Assembly of the Vise Brackets
1. Assemble the left hand Vise Bracket (C) as shown (Each bracket is stamped either
LH or RH).
2. NOTE! The Vise Brackets must be in the "Tilt" position as shown to assemble to
the legs.
3. Fig. 15: Pull vertical the locking button located on the side of the Vise Bracket back
toward the handle end of the unit as shown in the inset, and lift up on the tilting
bracket, until the assembly locks into a vertical position.
4. Fig. 4: Insert one M6 x 36.5mm Bolt (J) through the rear leg of Frame Assembly, then
through the rear of the Vise Bracket as shown. Using a Phillips screwdriver and a
Combination Wrench, tighten the M6 Lock Nut (L) onto the bolt.
5. Assemble the front leg of the Frame Assembly to the front of the Vise Bracket (C) as
6. Insert one M6 x 30 mm Bolt (K) completely through the front leg assembly and then
through the hole in the side of the Vise Bracket as shown. Thread an M6 Lock Nut (L)
onto the end of the bolt and tighten with a Combination Wrench and Phillips screw driver.
7. Repeat for the right side (RH) Vise Bracket
Fig. 5: Assembling the Front Vise Jaw
1. Return the Tilt Bracket to the horizontal position by pulling the tilt lock button back to
disengage the lock and rotate the brackets back to the horizontal position as shown.
2. Assemble the front Top Blocks ((I) - one side flat) to the Front Vise Jaw (D) as shown.
3. Thread an M8 Bolt (M) through the jaw, then through the mounting block.
4. While holding the Vise Screw and Pivot Nut up from the underside of the Tilt Bracket,
thread the M8 Bolt into the mounting hole in the pivot nut.
5. Tighten the M8 Bolts using the Nut Driver (R) (or Combination Wrench provided)
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(K) 2 - M6 x 30mm Bolts
(L) 4 - M6 Locking Nuts
(M) 6 - M8 Bolts
(N) 4 - Swivel Grips
(O) 2 - Spring Pins
(P) 2 - Vise Hand Cranks
(Q) 2 - Snap-in Knobs
(R) 1 - Nut Driver
(S) 2 - M8 Wheel Nuts
(T) 2 - Flat Washer
(U) 2 - Vise Screw Protectors
(not shown) 1 - Combination Wrench

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