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Siemens SINUMERIK 840D Operator's Manual Page 333

Computerized numerical control system for machine tools.
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Machine axes
Machine control panel
Machine coordinate
Machine zero
Machining channel
Macro techniques
Main block
Main program
Measuring circuit
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SINUMERIK 840D/810D Operator's Guide HMI Embedded (BEM) – 03.04 Edition
Control operating area
Axes which exist physically on the machine tool.
An operator panel on a machine tool with operating elements such as
keys, rotary switches etc. and simple indicators such as LEDs. It is
used to control the machine tool directly via the PLC.
System of coordinates based on the axes of the machine tool.
A fixed point on the machine tool, which can be referenced by all
(derived) measuring systems.
Via a channel structure, parallel sequences of movements, such as
positioning a loading gantry during machining, can shorten
unproductive times. Here, a CNC channel must be regarded as a
separate CNC control system with decoding, block preparation and
Grouping of a set of instructions under a single identifier. The identifier
in the program refers to the collected sequence of instructions.
A block prefixed by ":" containing all the parameters required to start
execution of a -> parts program.
Parts program identified by a number or identifier in which further
main programs, subroutines or -> cycles may be called.
The term "network" describes the connection of several S7-300 and
other terminal devices, e.g. a programming device, via ->
interconnecting cables. A data exchange takes place over the network
between the connected devices.
Control operating mode: Manual Data Automatic. In MDA mode, it is
possible to enter individual program blocks or sequences of blocks
without reference to a main program or subroutine and to then
execute them immediately via the NC start key.
• SINUMERIK FM-NC: The requisite control circuits for axes and
spindles are integrated in the control module as standard. In total.
a maximum of 4 axes and spindles can be realized, with a
maximum of up to 2 spindles.
• SINUMERIK 840D: The signals from the sensors are analyzed in
the SIMODRIVE 611D drive modules. The maximum configuration
is 8 axes and spindles in total, with up to 5 spindles.


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