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Siemens SINUMERIK 840D Operator's Manual Page 331

Computerized numerical control system for machine tools.
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Intermediate blocks
Interrupt routine
Inverse time feedrate
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SINUMERIK 840D/810D Operator's Guide HMI Embedded (BEM) – 03.04 Edition
Traversing movements with tool offset selected (G41/G42) can be
interrupted by a limited number of intermediate blocks (block without
axis movements in the compensation plane) whereby the tool offset
can still be correctly calculated. The permissible number of
intermediate blocks which the control reads ahead can be set in
system parameters.
Logical unit of the -> NCK which determines intermediate values for
the movements to be traversed on the individual axes on the basis of
destination positions specified in the parts program.
Interpolatory compensation can be used to compensate for leadscrew
errors and measuring system errors (LEC, MSEC) caused during
Interrupt routines are special -> subroutines which can be started by
events (external signals) in the machining process. A parts program
block which is currently being worked through is interrupted and the
position of the axes at the point of interruption is automatically saved.
All alarms and -> messages are output on the operator panel in plain
text with the date and time and a symbol indicating the cancel
criterion. The display is divided into alarms and messages.
1. Alarms and messages in the parts program
Alarms and messages can be displayed as plain text directly from
the parts program.
2. Alarms and messages from the PLC
Alarms and messages from the machines can be displayed
as plain text from the PLC program. No additional function block
packages are required to do this.
With the SINUMERIK FM-NC and 840D, it is possible to program the
time required to traverse the path of a block instead of programming
the feedrate for the axis movement (G93).
Control operating mode (setup mode): In JOG mode, it is possible to
set up the machine. Individual axes and spindles can be moved in this
mode using the direction keys. Other functions available in JOG mode
are -> reference point approach, -> repositioning and -> preset
(setting an actual value).


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