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Siemens SINUMERIK 840D Operator's Manual Page 330

Computerized numerical control system for machine tools.
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Home position
I/O module
Inch system
Inclined surface
Incremental dimension
Initialization block
Initialization files
Interconnecting cables
Summary of the programming options for the -> PLC in the
AS300/AS400 system.
Point on the machine tool used to reference the measuring system of
the -> machine axes.
I/O modules represent the link between the CPU and the process. I/O
modules are:
• ->Digital input/output modules
• ->Analog input/output modules
• ->Simulator modules
Dimension system which defines distances in inches and fractions of
Drilling and milling operations on workpiece surfaces that do not lie in
the coordinate planes of the machine can be performed easily using
the function "inclined-surface machining".
Traversed distance information via the number of increments. The
number of increments can be stored as -> setting data or selected
using keys labeled with 10, 100, 1000, 10 000.
Also incremental dimension: A destination for axis traversal is defined
by a distance to be covered and a direction referenced to a point
already reached. See also -> absolute dimension.
Initialization blocks are special -> program blocks. They contain value
assignments that are performed before program execution.
The primary purpose of initialization blocks is to initialize predefined
data or global user data.
It is possible to create an initialization file for each -> workpiece.
Various variable assignments which are intended to apply specifically
to one workpiece can be stored in this file.
Connecting cables are pre-assembled or user-assembled 2-wire
cables with a connector at each end. These interconnecting cables
connect the -> CPU via the -> multipoint interface (MPI) with a ->
programming device or other CPUs.
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