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Siemens SINUMERIK 840D Operator's Manual Page 230

Computerized numerical control system for machine tools.
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Program Operating Area
6.7 Manage programs
Data block
Initialization block
Macro block
Reserved definition
names for macros
Directory types
Workpiece directory
NC data unit: Data blocks contain data definitions for global user data.
These data can be initialized directly when they are defined.
Initialization blocks contain the default settings for data.
The initial block is an ".ini" file. It contains values for initializing, for
example, machine, user and system data, etc.
Macro blocks are used to program one or more instructions with a
single new name. Macro definitions are stored in the following files in
directory Definitions:
_N_SMAC_DEF Siemens macro definitions
_N_MMAC_DEF Machine manufacturer macro definitions
_N_UMAC_DEF User macro definitions
The following macro definitions can be stored as standard:
Macro definitions (Siemens)
Macro definitions (machine manufacturer)
Macro definitions (user)
Definitions for global data (Siemens)
Definitions for global data
(machine manufacturer)
Definitions for global data (user)
In addition to files, some directories may also have extensions:
General directory containing program and data
and blocks, workpiece directories and
other directories with identifier DIR.
Workpiece directories which contain
program and data blocks that belong
to a workpiece. (It must not contain another
directory with the extension DIR or WPD.)
Clipboard directory: Files and directories of
any type may be stored in here.
Workpiece directories (with extension .WPD) are set up in directory
A workpiece directory contains all files required for machining a
These can be main programs, subprograms, any initialization
programs and comment files.
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