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Electrical Configuration With The Minimal Editor - Siemens AT18 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Manual - Elevator Door Operation AT18

15.13 Electrical configuration with the minimal editor

The minimal editor is an aid with which to make changes to a control unit AT18 when the terminal
module, the user module or the AT Frontend PC is not available. Thereby the parameter button
(S5000) and the two service buttons (S5001, S500) are assigned a double function. The LED
display (H5000) enables the visualisation of messages. The activation of the minimal editor requires
a special pressing of the keys, which can only be done after resetting the network.
The detailed requirement reads as follows:
a) At the start of the program (switch on of the mains current) the OPEN and CLOSE keys must be
pressed at the same time. As confirmation an 8 is displayed (duration approximately 5 seconds).
b) As soon as the display stops the operator must let go of both keys (time window approximately
3 seconds) and leave alone until the end of the time window.
c) As confirmation of the successful activation of the minimal editor only a "C" is displayed.
The minimal editor makes two setting possible, on the one hand the selection of a fixed profile and
on the other the joint setting of the closing forces.
The setting of a value takes place with the service buttons (S5001, S5002), the acceptance of a file
by a long pressing of the (> s) of the parameter button (S5000).
The saving that took place is confirmed by the display of a dot on the LED display.
A short pressing of the parameter button merely switches to the other parameter without changing
the respective value.
The display of a value takes place by the interchanging display of the identification letter ("A" for
forces in the closing direction and "C" for the selection of the profile) and of the values in the form
of a number.
At the configuration of the profile values between 1 and 6 can be set (1 for standard profile and 6
for profile no. 6).
The closing forces are set in the form of a counterweight, whereby, simplified, 1kg to 10N is
Input can take place from 1 to 6, whereby 0 represents no counterweight and 6 represents 6kg
The input of the counterweight influences the closing forces as it is deducted form the maximum
value 150N.
In this way the setting 6 brings about the reduction of the closing forces to 90N (150N – 60N =
90N) while at setting 0 the maximum closing force of 150N becomes active.
By the switching off and on again of the power supply you go out of the minimal editor again.
So that the closing speed and the nudge speed can be limited depending on the door weight, it is
imperative that a new teach-in drive (start with button S5000) be undertaken after taking over of
another profile.
The selection of a profile overwrites the input of a counterweight. Therefore the value for the
counterweight (parameter "C") must be set last.


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